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The Moonshine Co. High Quality Moonshine with a Twist

When I learned I was traveling to Kentucky, the first thing I thought was “distillery tour!” It may sound funny, but coming from Michigan we either have wineries or micro-breweries. Kentucky is known for moonshine and whiskey, so I wanted to make sure I got to try something authentic to the area.

the moonshine company reviewNow moonshine, well – we’ve all heard the stories about it being made in bathtubs, or being so strong it makes people blind. But I’ve grown to love it in mixed drinks and with fresh fruit. It has a subtle taste and can bring a lot to your mixed drinks. But when I visited the Moonshine Company in Paducah, Kentucky – I was able to try out some of their authentic and locally made moonshine.

The Moonshine Company is nestled in the old Historic downtown are of Paducah, and has a rather unassuming front. Once you walk into the Moonshine Company you find that it’s more than a distillery – but also a museum. You will find a mixture of moonshine stills from around the nation, and from over the last hundred years.

the moonshine company reviewOne thing we enjoyed about the Moonshine Company, the tour of all of the stills as well as tasting were absolutely free. You can go in and try all of their different moonshines and flavors, purchase if you want or just continue on your way.

The Moonshine Company’s signature moonshines are Uncle Mosey’s, Lewis and Clark and Old Paducah and the Quilters Special (named for the Quilting Festival that happens yearly). Their Uncle Mosey’s is also used to make their fruit blend flavors that range from Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Blackberry, and Strawberry. We found that the Uncle Mosey’s was a little too strong for us (at 90 proof) straight, but mixed with the fresh fruit, it’s a nice balance. I’ve got a bottle of the Lemonade moonshine in my fridge, and it can be added to any drink to jazz it up, or just to sip. The fruit seems to cut down the harshness and makes it a great add in.

You can find the Moonshine Company online, and visit them 6 days a week. They distill their moonshine on site, and are making new flavors all the time.

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