The Makeup Show’s Fall Trend Report 2019

The Makeup Show Chicago 2018

By  James  Vincent,  Makeup Artist  and Director of  Education & Artistry  for The Makeup Show

Trend #1: Clean Up

The Makeup Show Chicago 2018

Green beauty, clean beauty and a toward naturally derived products have pushed the skin care market into  exciting  new territory.  Independent brands  have lead the charge  in introducing beautifully  made, small batch skin care  that meets the needs of today’s  cameras and busy lifestyles. Mario  Badescu and Twin Medix are two indie  brands who have brought beautifully gentle  but effective cleansers, toners and moisturizers  to the marketplace. Check out Twin Medix Micellar  for a gentle, water-­‐free remover and Mario Badescu’s  wide range of toning products works well for any skin  type. Rebels and Outlaws Sacred Ceremony Potions are a blend  of organic Hydrosols and essential oils paired with prepared crystals.  This double duty potion keeps summer skin toned and ready and is a fantastic  smudge for any space. Brush Beauty Balms Beauty Oils are prepared by hand in small  batches and are a beautiful alternative to traditional moisturizers.     

Pro  Tip: Try  adding a lip  scrub to your daily  routine to keep flaky,  dry lips at bay. Both Brush  Beauty Balm and Rebels and Outlaws  make the most sensational sugar scrubs  that will leave your lips looking luscious  without all the chemicals.

Trend #2: Sheer Bliss

The Makeup Show Chicago 2018

Natural looking, dewy skin with minimal coverage and effort is the seasons’s ideal look. Let go of the full face of makeup  and keep  the concealing  to a minimum. Temptu  24-­‐Hour Hydralock Foundation,  Kett Hydro Foundation, and Danessa  Myricks Vision Cream Cover are waterproof  formulations that stand up to even the most  intense heat and lifestyle. A makeup artist’s secret  is to use one fuller coverage formula in a sheerer application  all over the face and then let it double as a concealer to hide  discoloration or distraction. This allows you to have a more minimal  coverage but still hide any of your concerns without the heaviness of   concealer. Mix fuller coverage foundation into your favorite face cream to  make your own tinted moisturizer.     

Pro  Tip: Try  using a setting  spray for summertime  staying power. Use it  before and after foundation   application to help everything  stay put. Limelife by Alcone and  Skindinavia are two pro favorites that  are high performance and feel refreshing  on summer skin.

 Trend #3: High Brow

Bushy brows are big this season. Forget the hard, linear eyebrow of the last few seasons and and keep your brow game  simple.  Brush a brow  gel through to  add hold and shape  and let them stay natural  looking. Senna Brow Gels are  the original and the metallic shades  add a sensational ombre effect for summer.  Lash legend Ardell has a super affordable range  of brow gels and brow pens that allow a more polished  look and Benefit 24-­‐Hour Brow Setter will stand up to  a day at the beach or a night at the club and still looks  good at brunch the next day.   

Pro  Tip: Use  a small brow  pen or waterproof  liquid liner to draw  in individual hairs where  you have empty space. This  will help to frame the eye and  face and give you a fuller brow look  of the season without hard edges or lines.   

Consider microblading to speed up your morning routine. Mishaesthetics offers different eyebrows methods to provide you with the most natural looking brows. Your brows will be perfect all the time with no morning prep required.

#Check out the #1 Microblading in NYC by Mish

Trend #4: Make Me Blush

Flushes  of color  are swept softly  across the cheeks in  soft shades and paired  with lips of the same hue,  as the monochromatic makeup trend  holds firm for this season. Stila Convertible  Color and Danessa Myricks Vision Flush are creamy  options that allow you to have a soft hint of color  that just kisses the cheek.    

Pro Tip: Try pairing a pink and peach shade for the perfect flush for any skin tone. Stillazi Blush Palette in Bahamas  offers a  bright and  bold option that  allows you to soften  it for the most sophisticated  blushed look of the season.        

Trend #5: Neon Signs

Neon glow shines bright on both the eye and lip, bold and yet gorgeous. This is an attention-grabbing makeup look.  Neons offer  an unexpected  and exciting route  for including more color  into your makeup routine. Suva   Beauty and Danessa Myricks Beauty  are a pro favorite for an eighties  inspired vibe. Viseart Brights Palette   from Muse Beauty Pro and Kryolan offer affordable  and wearable neon shadows and lip colors that will  keep all eyes on you.      

Trend #6: Staying Neutral

Smoky neutrals on the eyes, cheeks and lips made for a soft monochromatic palette gives understated elegance.  With a sexy  return to the  Tom Ford Gucci Smokey  Eyes of yesteryear this  trend feels familiar and   modern at the same time.  The  choices  for a staple  neutral palette  and neutral products  are endless.   

Pro Tip: Try combining a cream and a powder product with a pencil for a eye look that offers neutral shades but  has an  unexpected  editorial quality.       

Trend #7: Graphic Designs

Experimental eye makeup can be seen on every catwalk during Fashion Week. This season, the vibe was retro-meets-­‐futuristicPlay  with your  idea of shape  and structure to  take any makeup look  and make it bolder. Eyeliner  pens range in price from Crown  Brush inexpensive option to Stila  for the pro favorite. Pro Tip: Cozette  Mixing Medium allows you to turn your favorite  eye shadow into a liquid liner that lasts all day  and looks beautiful.              

The Makeup Show Chicago is coming up on October 5th and 6th, and the event will showcase all the trends mentioned and more.


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