The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition – Swimming to Blu-Ray Combo Pack October 1st

little mermaid diamond edition
Little Mermaid Diamond Edition

How old were you when The Little Mermaid first came out? I was 7, and I fell in love with it immediately. I still wake up with the songs stuck in my head. Yes… I have always loved the movie!

The Little Mermaid has been one of my favorites that I never owned on DVD. We’re upgrading our collection and getting a lot of our favorites on Blu-Ray, so when Disney sent me the new The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition I was thrilled. This is the first time The Little Mermaid has been released on Blu-Ray. The Diamond Edition also includes a DVD copy and a digital copy as well.

This will be on the gift list for every

Disney nut, or little girl at heart that use to sing “Kiss the Girl” as she ran around playing. It’s been beautifully digitally remastered and brings you back to your childhood watching as Ariel falls in love and does her hair with Thing-a-mabobs!

The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition will be released on October 1st. You can buy it in store or pre-order it on Amazon today!

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