2017 Makeup Show Chicago

The Latest Trends in Makeup From the 2017 Makeup Show

2017 Makeup Show Chicago

We are lucky enough to have The Makeup Show come to Chicago now twice a year!  Six months ago you saw 5 items we loved.  Now, I am happy to be telling you about some of the trends for the summer season.  The most important factor though is the balance between art and commerce for the Midwest region.   James Vincent agreed with the feedback that Chicago and the areas around lean more towards balance.

2017 Makeup Show ChicagoWhat this means is that we can still have fun with glitter, but still need to cater to what you or the client wants.  Glitter is definitely trending.  Everyone is showcasing it all over.  We even saw not just glitter but full on colorful stripes on cheeks and brightly colored eyes.

2017 Makeup Show ChicagoMore shimmer can be found with the Nyx highlighter palette.  Something James Vincent pointed out during his presentation that women in Chicago are sporting stripes on their faces but in a weird way.  People going too far with their highlighters or bronzers.  With the Nyx palette you can find the perfect highlighting tone for any skin color.

2017 Makeup Show ChicagoTo go along with those pops of color, Makeup Forever has a brand new line of eye makeup.  With eyeliners and shadows in all colors.  The applicator is being touted as the best of the best.  Easy to use and with long wear that will last all day.  The colors are bright and bold.  I believe we saw even more colors than at the last Makeup Show in Chicago.  

2017 Makeup Show Chicago

2017 Makeup Show ChicagoAlong with summer, James Vincent claims he doesn’t understand how we go outside in the muggy heat.  However, there is a lot of long wear products to be found.  From the lipsticks by bdellium tools to eyeshadows by cozzette.  Pictured above is the Dorothy lipstick.  Another option for long wear is the Kevyn Aucoin Molten Lipcolor.  A metallic liquid lip color that will last for hours while adding a unique look to your lips.  You can easily top off your usual lip colors with these to mix up your look.  A quick mention of the long wear gel eyeliner by Senna.  The plum shade we got is deep and sultry.

2017 Makeup Show ChicagoOf course we can’t rule out the pro finishing sponges by esum.  You can easily wash these sponges and not need to keep buying those sad sponges.  There is a round and flat side so you can easily reach all parts of the face.  So, you can perfectly apply your makeup with the right tools.  With the right makeup you can have your perfect look all summer long with more long wear products.  We hope to share more trends with The Makeup Show.  

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