The Jabra Elite 65 T Help Take life to the Next Level

jabra Elite 65 t review

jabra Elite 65 t reviewPretty much as long as I’ve had a cell phone, I’ve had ear buds or a headset to make calls easier. Life is busy and I want technology to help make it easier to function as I go. But from an ear bud with a boom arm, to wired headphones each had it’s own benefits and draw backs. Over the last few years we’ve seen a surge in wireless ear bud, and they not only solve some of the issues of the older models but come loaded with features you will love.

jabra Elite 65 t review
The ear buds are labeled for which side they should be inserted for a better fit and better sound.

New on the scene to the wireless ear bud market are the Jabra Elite 65t, small ear buds that pack a lot of power in their compact size. I will say when they sent us some, right out of the box, my fear was I would lose the small ear buds (like I have done with most ear buds I’ve had in the past). But the Elite 65t comes with a handy carrying case that is perfect not only for storing them, but actually charges them. Each ear bud has two nodes on the back as well as an indication of which ear they are for. Once placed in the box and the nodes are connected the box will light up to show that it is charging with a green indication light. Both ear buds fit completely in the box and the lid closes securely so you can store them, charge them and take them on the go.

jabra Elite 65 t review
Make sure your ear buds are always ready to go by popping them in the case for easy storage and a charge between uses.

Connecting the Jabra Elite 65t is super easy and to put it in pairing mode you just have to hold the centers of the two ear buds for 3 seconds. The earbuds will be searchable by your phone, tablet or even your laptop and you can connect them to all of the devices you want. You can switch easily between devices and and use them as your go to ear buds when you are watching movies on a plane or to listen to music on your phone while you’re on the go.

jabra Elite 65 t review
Charge your case and ear buds at the same time with your micro-USB cord

The Jabra Elite 65t has a 5 hour talk or active use time and the case will charge them at least two times once fully charged. Right out of the box the Elite has a high charge so you can use them immediately.

But don’t think that the Jabra Elite is just for playing videos, inside the small ear buds is the technology Jabra is known for. You will be able to take clear conference calls without disturbing others, listen to your favorite music with beautiful quality and robust sound. It takes your sound quality to the next level. The Elite 65t are perfect for work, play or anything you want to use them for and without the limitation of cords, they’ll quickly will become your favorite.

Right now you can get the Jabra Elite at Verizon Wireless! If you spend $200 you get a $50 gift card. Find out more information here!


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