The Importance of Self Care

The Importance of Self Care

The Importance of Self Care

I’ve spent most of my life doing what everyone else does – trying to make everyone else happy. But this past year, something changed inside me. I’m not saying that I still don’t take the time to make sure that other people are taken care of, aren’t hurting or are in a good place. But what I am saying is, I make sure that I am cared for as well.

I think it was around ten years old I stopped caring what other people thought of me. This has been a strong driving force for me over the years and helped me move past where others have stopped. But I’m a huge fan of making sure that other people are still cared for. I have a bleeding heart and like to help where ever and whenever I can. It is a fault of my own that often I put other people first and find myself, like most of us do, tired and over stressed at what I still have to do.

We often hear about self care and think of it as a day off, a spa day, a night with friends or a massage. And while, yes, those are helpful I think there are things we can all do – should all do to take care of ourselves in our daily lives.

I’m not even sure what happened, but over the last year I started to make myself more of a priority and find ways to care for myself.¬†Yes, sometimes those things are a trip to get a pedicure, a drink with friends, getting my hair done. But there are more times than not that it’s as simple as not answering an email, a message or text. It’s as simple as making what I want to eat instead of asking what everyone else wants. Or requesting a day off work when you just need a day.

Why is it so important to take care of ourselves? It’s actually a very simple concept. If we’re not stressed out (or as stressed) we’re able to be more productive, take care of our loved ones and jobs to the level we want. We need to stop putting ourselves tenth or less on the list of priorities and be sure that we take care of ourselves as well. We’re more than just mothers, sisters, friends and employees – we’re still individuals who need to make ourselves a priority in our own lives.


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