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The Hughes Music Show Brings one of the Most Unique Shows to Branson #bloggingbranson

What do you get when you the world’s largest performing family and unlimited talent? The Hughes Music Show of course. Offering shows nightly the Hughes Music Show features around 50 family members in the show as they dance and perform an array of songs that rival Broadway productions with lighting and mic coordination for every member of the family.

Hughes Brother's Show Branson ReviewThe Hughes Family came to Branson in the 90’s and began with a group of five brothers singing together. The show has grown to include their wives, and over 35 children and grandchildren in the show. Talent can be seen even in the smallest of the kids and they truly are Born to Entertain. With a cast as large as The Hughes Music Show has, there are no doubt some complications that can happen, but the show runs smoothly and will keep your feet tapping through the whole show.

Hughes Brother's Show Branson ReviewBesides having one of the largest casts of the shows in the Branson area, The Hughes Music Show also offers one of the most unique shows in the whole area. There is a large focus on musical theater, and different songs are done by different age groups of the children as well. The show is an updated format and will remind you of any major theatrical performance you’ve seen lately. With a larger collection of modern music than the other shows we saw, we fell in love with The Hughes Music Show and the talented family that creates it.

Hughes Brother's Show Branson ReviewWe were slightly world that the older audience may not like the show because of the updated format and music, but everyone in the audience was singing along, dancing in their seats and enjoying the show. Get ready to watch one of the most unique shows in the country that is filled with a family so full of talent you wont know what to expect. Kids that master multiple instruments, can dance, sing and perform in set after set. To get your tickets for the Hughes Music Show visit their website and check out their Christmas show for your holiday plans!

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2 thoughts on “The Hughes Music Show Brings one of the Most Unique Shows to Branson #bloggingbranson

  1. I haven’t seen their show -yet- but it sounds like so much fun. I really like how they have included almost all of the family -4 of the brothers, their wives, and kids-into the show.

  2. I love the family aspect of this show! Needs to be a must for my next trip to Branson! #BloggingBranson

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