hottest new toys of 2018

The Hottest Toys and Games for Kids this Year

hottest new toys of 2018No, you won’t find these gifts on the tech list of best games. Instead, we have some of the best learning games that your kids are going to love, and you’ll love because they’re learning as they play. There’s so many neat games and toys this year that we put together a list of our favorites. Snag a few for under your Christmas tree this year, or to pack in your bag for those long car rides to your family parties. Kid friendly and fun items that all have a bit of an educational twist to them!

Take a Twist on a Matching Game with FlipSlide

flipslide game review

Similar to the game we grew up with Flip Slide‘s main purpose is to match the lighted color blocks as you go. But it’s not just the four bricks you need to push, instead you can rotate, twist, slide and change the orientation of where the light up blocks are. Flip Slide has four different ways you can play including Speed Mode, Level Mode, Memory Mode or Multiplayer. The compact game can easily be carried in a bag and taken with you on a plane, on the go or to play in the car. With the different lights you’re never going to get the same game play each time and it will keep you on your toes. Because the game is a mix of coordination, color recognition and play – it is for ages 8 and up. But it is a great idea for kids learning and coordination. It will keep your kids happy and entertained while on the go.

Make a Change to How You Play Matching Games withe FlipSlide

Wooden Games are Back with Orange Pieces

orange pieces games review

There’s something nostalgic and tactile about wooden games that take them to a whole new level. Not only do they last longer, but they use different motor skills as your kids play them and will last for generations to come. This year, we were sent a vareity of wooden games for all ages from Orange Pieces. Orange Pieces is based out of Australia and creates games that will help engage your family and create a good time while they are learning at the same time. With games for younger learners and ones for the whole family – they make each set with learning in mind. We were sent both their Wood Peg Puzzle Sets and their Hookey Ring Toss Game.

The Wooden Peg Puzzles are prefect for small hands with large pegs to grab and pieces that fit back into their spots when placed properly. Each letter and number is cute in the shape of the letter so they will only fit in that space. This is the perfect way to encourage the growth of hand eye coordination and to help toddlers and young children learn their letters, numbers and shapes as they play. The quality is good and the games will last a long time, but the set of 3 puzzles is under $20 so it’s a great steal and gift idea for any little learners on your list this year!

Get Wooden Games for Years to Come from Orange Pieces 

Balance is Everything in Don’t Rock the Boat

Don't Rock the Boat Review

Don’t Rock the Boat is a balancing game that comes with a pirates ship fully equipped with two planks, three crows nests and a whole crew of gold hunting penguin pirates. Balancing on a wave, you have to place the penguins and their booty on the pirate ship without knocking it over and falling into the water. The game is fairly simply and doesn’t have set pieces for players which makes it perfect for younger players.

The game says that it is for ages 5 and up, but really there aren’t any pieces that are small enough that would be a choking hazard. But of course, the playing age and maturity level decision is up to you. And while it does take a little bit of skill to balance the crew on the deck, it is a game that all family members can play together and can help teach basic motor skills.

You can find Don’t Rock the Boat at toy stores and on Amazon, and it’s a fun game to play by yourself, with friends or with the kids to keep the entertained.

Inspire Their Friendship and Love from Animals with Spirit Riding Free

We all have fallen in love Spirit Riding Free from DreamWorks and the friendship between Spirit and Lucky. It’s been a huge hit when it comes to horse lovers and we love the friendship built between the girls and their horses. Now you can get your favorite duo in the beautiful crafted set from Breyer. Perfect for the horse lover in your family or the collectors as well.

Get your little horse lover their own Spirit and Lucky set

Take the Road by storm with a scaled MACK Lorry! 

Trucks are huge for adventurous little kids and a functioning 1:16th scale MACK truck will have them screaming with happiness to find it under the tree. The MACK lorry, like the original, has a loading crane mounted behind the driver’s cab. The loading crane is equipped with a log grabber to move the logs. The log grabber can be locked in the open position. When it is time to pick up a log, the log grabber can be lowered to the log and automatically closes around it.

Find this amazing MACK Lorry for your little driver at Tractor Supply

Get Them Laughing with the Tiny Hands Challenge

The Original Tiny Hands Challenge Game is a hilarious TEAM VS. TEAM Party Game! Compete in outrageously fun physical stunts using nothing but your TINY HANDS! Can you catch a ball, turn over a playing card, serve someone a drink? Sounds easy right? But it’s trickier and funnier than you think when all you have is two Tiny Hands to do it with! Pick a card, make a wager and play to win. Performing the stunts with your Tiny Hands is funny and watching your friends perform them is even funnier! The Tiny Hands Challenge Game comes with 2 pairs of Tiny Hands and 2 pairs of even Tinier hands to make things even harder and more hilarious! Tiny Hands is big fun for everyone!

Take the Tiny Hands Challenge

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