Twelve Oaks Mall Santa's Flight Academy

The Holidays Arrive at Twelve Oaks Mall with Santa’s Flight Academy

With a sparkle in his eyes and some magic dust in his beard, Santa has finally arrived at Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi! This year the holiday season is getting kicked off a bit early a special experience that is free to anyone who visits the mall – Santa’s Flight Academy. This is the first year of the flight academy, and one that your kids are going to love visiting.

Twelve Oaks Mall Santa's Flight AcademyWe were invited to experience Santa’s Flight Academy before it opens to the public tomorrow. The experience is in the middle of the mall, and you wont miss it by the super sized sleigh waiting for guests (how else would all of those presents fit?) Guests are asked to create an ID badge, which actually is printed on a card like a work badge, and are given a lanyard. On your ID card you are given a Codename and a specialty to help with this special mission.

Twelve Oaks Mall Santa's Flight AcademyChildren of all ages are encouraged to see how you measure up to elves and see what you’d look like in a flight suit (which you will receive a video in your email of later). The immersive experience has kids pull the lever to fill the 22 foot tall sleigh with presents, choose Santa’s path, check the weather – and most importantly, keep the engine in working order! We have to make sure that Santa is safe when he goes on his yearly journey.

Twelve Oaks Mall Santa's Flight AcademyFrom the moment you enter Santa’s Flight Academy, you are greeted with happy and helpful elves. There are some light effects in the snowflake dance party that may be could be a problem with children with scensory issues, but you can walk straight through the space if you prefer. The walkways are wide enough to accomodate strollers and larger families. But the best part of the experience is at the very end of your journey – Santa! Your kids can sit on his lap and tell him what they want this year for Christmas.

Santa’s Flight Academy opens to the public tomorrow November 11th at 11:30 am with a kick off party with Holiday-themed activies for children, Balloon twister, WNIC radio personality Jay Towers. The fun for all ages experience is free to anyone at the mall, and so is visiting Santa. The only cost you will have is if you choose to purchase any of the photos taken with Santa.

Visit Santa’s Flight at Twelve Oaks Mall this holiday season!

More about Santa’s Flight Academy:

Twelve Oaks Mall Santa's Flight AcademyTo rediscover the magic and tradition of the holiday season, Twelve Oaks will debut “Santa’s Flight Academy,” a one-of-a-kind, immersive holiday experience that combines a giant reimagination of the North Pole with state-of-the-art technology to enable children to become a member of Santa’s flight crew. Partnering with an elf – either Sleigh Mechanic George, Flight Director Sparkle or Reindeer Caretaker Flash – each child will help ready Santa’s sleigh so he can deliver presents to children around the world.

“We are thrilled to offer Santa’s Flight Academy to give our guests an immersive holiday experience,” said Emily Taucher, marketing & sponsorship director, Twelve Oaks Mall, “The holidays are a time for creating special memories and we’re confident children will be delighted with this new adventure that will surely become a tradition for years to come.”

Upon entering Santa’s Flight Academy, each child ‘Cadet’ will present their official flight crew badge and will be immediately recognized by name. From there, several of Santa’s onsite helpers will guide children throughout the experience to be fitted for a virtual flight suit, help inspect and power Santa’s sleigh before takeoff, and other tasks to ensure that every present will be carefully delivered.

Twelve Oaks Mall Santa's Flight AcademyAt the end of the adventure, each child will step inside of a 22-foot-tall sleigh for an enchanted snowfall dance party before meeting Santa. Children will also receive a special gift from Santa to personally thank them for heroically saving the day.

Sponsored locally by DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital, Santa’s Flight Academy will be available exclusively at Twelve Oaks Mall from Friday, November 11, through Saturday, December 24. Due to the unprecedented nature of the experience and anticipated high demand, visitors are encouraged to pre-register children for a Santa’s Flight Academy entrance badge online via each shopping center’s website, or through the mobile app available for both Android and iPhone platforms. Registration will also be available onsite at Santa’s Flight Academy kiosks located in each shopping center.

A variety of photo packages, in addition to intricate and magical 3D pop-up paper holiday cards by Lovepop, will be available for purchase. Santa’s Express Lane passes and photo packages may be purchased online in advance of the visit. For more information, please visit

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