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The Harder They Fall Shows That the Western Genre is Still Relevant

When you think of Western movies, often you are fully expecting older and slower films that are still replaying on TCM or a similar channel. With the tumbleweeds rolling, and a slower pace, the movie genre hasn’t changed much over the last couple of decades. But now, The Harder They Fall is coming to theaters in select cities and to Netflix and is challenging what we think of Western movies in general.

With timing and pace that modern audiences will enjoy, music that pulls the story into the modern-day and a truly unique story – The Harder They Fall is going to be enjoyed by a multitude of audiences. No, this isn’t your granddad’s or father’s western movie anymore – but it has everything that they will enjoy and a story that will captivate them. Get ready for gangs of outlaws, gun battles, criminals and sheriffs, saloons, and of course quick drawing gunfights.

But what sets The Harder They Fall apart from any of the other Western stories and movies we have seen so far? The characters in the movie are based on actual outlaws from the post-civil-war era. The movie focuses on the Nat Love Gang and the Rufus Buck Gang, and members that are actual people who existed and made history. While Hollywood often focuses on all White cowboys and Native Americans that they had as assistants, and often make up characters – it’s not often we see Black and People of Color even depicted in these roles, even if history shows they played a pivotal part in history and the development in the Western and southern states.

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With an all-star cast, The Harder They Fall isn’t holding anything back. With action, comedy, and even jabs at the traditional Western movie genre. Clocking in at over 2 hours, the movie continues the trend of longer movies coming out. But the action in the film makes it so it doesn’t feel like it’s over two hours.

Not only will the movie entertain fans, but it may even inspire them to start researching members of both of the outlaw gangs. We’re not sure if the events in the movie actually take place, or how much truth in the story there is – but it does make for a great movie. In a time when a lot of movies are remakes, it’s great to see a unique story based in truth coming to the screen.

The Harder They Fall will be in Metro-Detroit theaters starting today as well as other select cities and will be available on Netflix on November 3rd.

Overall Rating:

Four and a half Star Review

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About The Harder They Fall

In this Western, outlaw Nat Love (Jonathan Majors) discovers that his enemy, Rufus Buck (Idris Elba), is being released from prison, so he reunites his gang to track Rufus down and seek revenge.

Starring Jonathan Majors, Zazie Beetz, Delroy Lindo, LaKeith Stanfield, Danielle Deadwyler, Edi Gathegi, R.J. Cyler, Damon Wayans Jr., Deon Cole with Regina King and Idris Elba.
Directed by Jeymes Samuel.

This film is not yet rated.

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