The Glorias Brings a View of History Through the Eyes of an Activist to the Screen

The Glorias Movie review

There’s no doubt that in the past few decades you’ve heard the name Gloria Steinem. The woman who has become the face of a the feminist movement and has seemingly spent more time at protests and speaking than any other activist. But her story isn’t so cut and dry and in the new Roadside Attractions film The Glorias, they focus on her life and the moments that lead to her becoming an international activist.

The Glorias Movie review

The movie does focus on Gloria Steinem’s life, and through different stages. But in order to do it, they tell the story at different ages, with different actresses playing the iconic activist. The story of her life isn’t told linearly, instead the story reflects back on the different poignant moments in her life.

What is striking about The Glorias, is the battles, injustices and discussions echo the same ones we’re still having today. Although the voices are louder now it seems, The Glorias show us that the fight is not over and still happening over the same issues even decades later. It also shows the viewers that just one voice and make a huge difference in the lives of many.

The Glorias comes in at just under two and a half hours. While the movie is long, it doesn’t seem too long. There are other significant moments that were most likely cut and the movie cut down some. But The Glorias does offer an interesting look at history through the lens of an activist as well provide some visually interesting transitions that will keep your attention. The layered versions of Gloria and their interactions and reactions to each other and the things happening in her life is the type of reflection we wish we were able to have on our own lives.

On Digital and Streaming Exclusively on Prime Video on September 30th.

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About The Glorias:

The Glorias Movie review

Journalist, fighter, and feminist Gloria Steinem is an indelible icon known for her world-shaping activism, guidance of the revolutionary women’s movement, and writing that has impacted generations. In this nontraditional biopic, Julie Taymor crafts a complex tapestry of one of the most inspirational and legendary figures of modern history, based on Steinem’s own biographical book ‘My Life on the Road.’ THE GLORIAS (Julianne Moore, Alicia Vikander, Lulu Wilson, Ryan Keira Armstrong) traces Steinem’s influential journey to prominence—from her time in India as a young woman, to the founding of Ms. magazine in New York, to her role in the rise of the women’s rights movement in the 1960s, to the historic 1977 National Women’s Conference and beyond.

THE GLORIAS includes a number of iconic women who made profound contributions to the women’s movement, including Dorothy Pitman Hughes (Janelle Monáe), Flo Kennedy (Lorraine Toussaint), Bella Abzug (Bette Midler), Dolores Huerta (Monica Sanchez) and Wilma Mankiller (Kimberly Guerrero).

Taymor gives us her singular take on that rare genre- the Female Road Picture, one in which the female leads do not die in the end, and where the “narrative” is not driven by romance or a bad marriage, or unrequited love or, for that matter, men. Gloria’s road story is about her “Meetings With Remarkable Women”. And that is a love story in itself.

139 Minutes | Rated R


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