The Gifts You Didn’t Know She Wanted This Year #HolidayGiftGuide

gifts for her for Christmas

gifts for her for Christmas

No matter how well you know someone, or how many year’s you’ve been together sometimes finding the right gift for them is hard to do. They already have what they want or have everything set to show up with a quick click of Prime on their computer. But in such a digital world, we love finding unique gifts that she will love, and ones that do not require a WiFi connection to use. We’ve put together a collection of great gift ideas for the women in your life that not only will look like you made the extra effort but can help pamper her – how she deserves.

Tmbr Provides Elegant and Modern Watches and More

tmbr watch review

In a world filled with smart watches and activity bands, why not get an elegant analog watch that makes a statement on it’s own. Tmbr makes handmade watches that are lightweight and low profile. They look great with jeans, a dress or business attire. Each watch face is unique and a conversation piece on it’s own, and the variety of wood and leather bands makes Tmbr an easy gift option for the fashion forward lady in your life.

What we love about Tmbr? The classic designs that are made directly for women. Find the perfect Tmbr watch for her

Beessentials Makes Natural Products Perfect for Her Stocking

beesentials lip balm review

Is she eco-friendly and love natural products? Then she will love Beessential lip balms! Beessential is a beekeeper owned natural bath and beauty company in Ohio; all products are produced in Cleveland. Beessential Natural Lip Balm made with a unique blend of replenishing Virgin Olive & Coconut Oils, moisturizing Beeswax, Aloe, Honey, Hemp.

For the holidays you can make your own Custom Five-Pack of Lip Balms. Choose one flavor, or go crazy and chose five different flavors for those days when you need to change things up. Beessential’s Pick Your Own Lip Balm Gift Tin is the perfect present for friends, family, teachers, the babysitter or to put in their stocking.

Keep their lips soft and smooth all through these harsh winter months! Find Beessential Lip Balms and other body products she’s sure to love! 

Waxing Poetic Necklace & Charms Are Beautiful and Stylish

Waxing Poetic Necklace & Charms

This holiday season, get her a gift that sparkles and shines! Waxing Poetic’s jewelry represents love, hope, friendship, faith, and a devotion to family that we all share. Each of these handcrafted, rich quality, artisan pieces of jewelry hold a unique meaning that each woman makes her own when she wears it. They have many charms and pendants to choose from – so you are sure to find something perfect for the woman (or women) in your life. Give her something she will cherish forever.

Shop to give the woman in your life a holiday gift that will make them feel special.

Charleston Hemp Company Makes Natural Products for Her Aches and Pains

charleston hemp company cbd salve review

We’ve seen an increase of CDB products on the market in the past year. A hemp based pain relieving product that doesn’t include any of the THC. If she has aches, pains or just works hard she may need that extra help to relax. And the Charleston Hemp Company has inflused the CBD into a lavender scented salve that goes on smooth, smells fantastic and is the perfect thing to pop in her stocking.

From lip balm, salves and oil – see the different CDB products you can find for her stocking here! 

Inspire Her with Jewelry from Qan

qan jewelry review

We all have our own journey through life and soemtimes finding our own direction we just need a little inspiration. Life’s JOURNEY is what QAN® represents, and they exist to embody this unique, personal JOURNEY while inspiring people to believe in yourself, dream big, and never give up on #YOURJourney to #BEtheDream.

Simple, elegant and meaningful Qan can encourage her to dream big, find her own path and keep striving for her own dream and future. It may be the inspiration and push she needs this year. Throughout the holidays Qan is also giving an additional 3% (on top of their 12% commitments to charitable partners) to the Make-A-Wish® foundation.

Find out more about Qan and how they can Inspire Her to Live her Dreams

Show Mom She’s the Bomb with these Luscious Bath Bombs

mom bomb review

Moms work hard, there is no denying it. But we all know mom is the Bomb! And Mom Bombs are here to pamper the mom who needs it most. Not only can you order some for the lady in your life, but you can even nominate other moms who may need that extra pampering in their life!

Mom Bombs are Luxury Bath Bombs Made in the USA with Organic Argan Oil Mom Bombs were created to help moms help other moms. The luxurious bath bombs, made with an indulgent combination of organic Argan Oil and essential oils, provide relief to the recipient, and each box sold results in a donation to, a non-profit organization focused on helping mothers in need.

So, bathe, enjoy, and know that while helping yourself or the lady in your life, you’re helping another mom. For more information check out Mom Bombs 

Pamper Her Skin with Bel Essence 

bel essence skincare review

How about a little natural pampering? Some whole ingredients only found in nature to make her skin not only beautiful but the best it can be? Bel Essence creates its products based on a simple principles – nutrition for the skin; and – Mother Nature does it best.  Our skin is our largest organ, and what we put on our skin can affect our entire body, so if we put products on our skin that gives our skin the vitamins, minerals and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids it needs, we won’t just have healthy skin, we will benefit our entire body Plant oils such as Argan, Hemp, Rice Bran, Avocado and others are rich in the vitamins, omega 3s, fatty acids and other nutrients important for healthy skin, hair and yes, a healthy body. These oils have been known for centuries for their health, healing and restoring properties, giving your body what it needs to regenerate and rejuvenate itself.

Bel Essence combines plant oils, all researched for their nutritional properties and combined to deliver the best nutrition to skin and hair, and give our bodies topical nutrition.  The products are built from these oils, not a base of filler ingredients with oils sprinkled in.

Pamper Her Skin with Natural Whole Ingredients from Nature and Bel Essence 

Indulge Her Sweet tooth with McCrea’s Caramels

mccrea's caramel review

We all have a sweet tooth from time to time. How about getting her some sweets that are just for her are just what she needs, and when she gets some handmade caramels from McCrea’s she’s going to hide them from everyone else! Each batch of their caramels are handmade and use a combination of finest salts, spirits, and seasonings to produce handcrafted candies. Every batch is made with butter and sugar cooked at low temperature until they are just right, then local milk and flavors are added. McCrea’s keeps experimenting with different spirits and flavor profiles and coming up with new delicious combinations to transport you to new destinations with each bite.

Indulge her sweet tooth with McCrea’s Caramels

Find Beautiful Gifts for Her that Give back from Animals Asia

animals asia jewelry review

Gifts that give back are some of the best – and ones that can help protect animals checks all the right boxes! Animal Asia’s vision is to end cruelty and restore respect for all animals throughout Asia. They want to end the farming of bears for bile in Vietnam and China, providing sanctuary for bears, end the suffering of wild animals in captivity and ensure humane treatment of dogs and cats. They priorities animal welfare, responsible stewardship of donations, strive to find compassionate solutions that benefit people as well as animals and act responsibly when caring for animals in in all of their dealings.

Not only can you find beautiful gifts for her on their site, but the proceeds help protect some of the most vulnerable animals.

Find Jewelry, Gifts and more from Animal Asia


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