The Geekiest Allergen Friendly Pizza Place You Can Find

flying Saucer Salem Mass Review

Leave the ordinary pizza at the door and enter into another dimension of fandom when you walk into Flying Saucer Pizza Company. Kitty corner from the main square in Salem, the small venue offers pizza and dishes that are not only full of flavor but style and allergen friendly.

The corner that Flying Saucer Pizza is on has a variety of touristy type stops, and in a city that is filled with witches – you wouldn’t expect aliens to be hiding in the corner. The decoration in the restaurant covers pretty much any sci-fi fandom you can expect. From Doctor Who, to Star Trek, Star Wars and even artwork of the more obscure shows that true fans will recognize when they walk in the door.

flying Saucer Salem Mass Review

Fun decor aside, the food is what really makes Flying Saucer the place to visit. From gluten free pizza, buffalo roasted cauliflower and even more traditional menu items – they’re ready to accommodate your allergies or even special diet requests. Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free? They have you covered! The menu is full of fun items like the Spudnik, Soylent Green, Spaceballs – the Musical and Groot. You’ll have fun exploring the fun names and figuring out what each item it.

flying Saucer Salem Mass Review

With an interior that will make you smile, a menu that will please your taste buds and a bit of humor that any sci-fi fan can enjoy – Flying Saucer Pizza will be one of your go to place for pizza when you are done with your next haunted tour or just need a good piece of pie.

Get your pizza to go, or check out the menu for Flying Saucer Pizza Company for your next visit to Salem.


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