The Famous Five Go Digital and Bring Your Favorite Books to Life

famous five adventure book and app

famous five adventure book and app

Set off on new adventures with the Famous Five! The group of four friends and their trusty dog that solve mysteries together isn’t relatively unknown here in the States, but the British Series is likened to the mystery series we all grew up with and a bit similar to Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.

The Famous Five books are coming upon their 75th anniversary of the series release, there is a new way to experience the adventures in a fun iOS app. We were sent a copy of one of the books, The Famous Five: Five Go Adventuring Again. While it’s not the beginning of the Famous Five series, it gives us a taste of how fun these books are and a new twist on mystery adventures for young readers. Five Go Adventuring Again was the second of the Famous Five books released, but they have updated the drawings for kids today. The adventure takes the heroes find a thief at Kirrin Cottage. They think they know who it is, but need to prove it. Will the discovery of a very old map help uncover the true culprit?

We can’t wait to read more of The Famous Five books, and look forward to checking out the new app that can help bring the adventures to life on our phones and tablets. The different locations help expose kids to new locations in the world making the adventures new and a bit more fun!

About the Famous Five App:

Regarded as one of her most popular series, renowned British author, Enid Blyton originally planned to write just six Famous Five books but extended the series to 21, owing to reader demand. Now these much loved characters will enter the digital world with Kuato Studios’ new app!

The Famous Five app has been designed with all the positive values associated with the books in mind, including friendship, heroism, adventure, love of the outdoors and daring. As with all Kuato games in the Tales Maker series, the app nurtures inquisitive minds and develops literacy skills through storytelling and engaging gameplay.

The app allows children to explore the iconic world of The Famous Five, a world packed full of English adventure, mystery and intrigue! Each mystery features unique characters and iconic locations throughout England found in the books, such as the castle ruins of Kirrin Island and Tapper’s Travelling Fair.

The new Kuato game will enthral Famous Five enthusiasts and those new to the as now, not only can they read about the adventures, but they can also help Julian, Dick, Anne, George and their friendly dog Timmy search for clues,
question suspects and solve the mysteries they encounter! With multiple solutions and plot combinations, no single story will ever be repeated and once the mystery has been solved, children can enjoy reading their personalized
adventures back in their own game generated storybook!

For Dyslexic readers, there is a section within the Parents Corner where users can choose from accessibility options, including, OpenDyslexic font and colour overlays to help readability.

The Famous Five App is now available in the iOS app store.

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