The Easiest New Years Eve Appetizers

The Easiest New Years Eve Appetizers

If you’re having your own small New Year’s celebration with your family this year we have five easy appetizer dishes that take just minutes to prepare. New Year’s Eve should be spent with the ones your love – not beating a complicated recipe into submission in the kitchen.

Boursin Cheese and Crackers

This cheese stands alone! Boursin cheese has a strong, delicious flavor that can be served by itself on a simple dish surrounded by crackers. Carr’s Table Water Crackers come in many different flavors and are a nice pairing to go with Boursin cheese.

Grilled Sausage

Pick up some sausage from the local grocery store meat section and simply put it on the grill. After it is cooked, cut it up into bite size pieces and place it on a small platter. For easy eating, place toothpicks next to the sausage for guests. A spicy sausage is a nice, warm appetizer that takes only a few minutes to grill.

Olives, Nuts and Fruit

These are great treats that require no cooking whatsoever. Pick up a jar of kalamata olives, some nuts – almonds, pecans, cashews are all good – and grapes, strawberries or whatever kind of fruit you prefer. Grapes go nicely with some cheeses like brie or a port wine cheese. Strawberries are good when serving champagne.

Shrimp Cocktail

Serving shrimp is a good way to add some protein to the spread and it doesn’t have to involve hours of preparation. Simply pick up a pound or two of shrimp (depending on how many guests there are) and some cocktail sauce from the seafood department of the local grocer.

You can buy pre-cooked shrimp that are already pealed. Just rinse them off, place in a bowl with a handful or two of ice to keep chilled and serve! For a nice presentation, put the cocktail sauce in a small bowl in the middle of a platter and place shrimp over lettuce leaves around the bowl.


Is it really New Year’s Eve without champagne? Surely not! To keep things cost-efficient, encourage guests to bring a bottle of chilled champagne. A bottle of Cristalino or Freixenet Brut can be purchased at the gorcery store for between $10 and $14.

To ensure the bottle doesn’t explode and therefore lose much of the carbonation that makes champagne what it is, make sure it is chilled before opening. Open the wire cage on the cork and hold the cork in place while twisting the bottle. Just to be safe, try not to open the bottle toward any guests.


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