The Dos and Don’ts of traveling with your laptop

Travellers aren’t only accompanied by a smartphone – some backpackers work remotely and therefore need to bring their laptop along. Others may need the laptop to stay in contact with friends and family back home or as a backup in case their mobile breaks. 

Regardless of the purpose of bringing a PC on your travels, you’ll want to keep good care of it throughout all your adventures. Keep on reading to know the dos and don’ts of travelling safely with your laptop. 

  1. Do keep it with you

Sure, you may think the laptop will be safer in your checked luggage, but you are wrong. Checked bags get lost time and time again, and you have a small chance of finding them again. It’s better to lose that $30 top than your $1000 laptop. There’s also the chance that the bag gets not innocently lost – but purposely stolen. It’s pretty common at airports for workers to go through the luggage and help themselves.

  1. Don’t use a laptop bag

Criminals will target you if they see you have a laptop bag because they know valuable goods are inside it. Put it inside a backpack or briefcase instead. 

  1. Do add padded protection 

Your luggage gets thrown and bumped around a LOT during transit and trust us when we say it will be broken (probably beyond repair) once it comes back to you if you don’t have padded protection in place. Put the laptop in a padded backpack or suitcase for protection.  

  1. Don’t forget to back up your data

The worst-case scenario is that all those amazing travel pics you took or that important document you were working on gets lost forever because you didn’t back up your data. There’s no other way around it. Backup your data. You should still do it even if you aren’t travelling. 

  1. Do Clean up your space 

If the startup disk has reached its full capacity on your Mac laptop, you can bet on running out of space entirely and having a slow deteriorating computer in the long run. Have a look at your remaining disk space by clicking the apple icon, selecting ‘about this mac’, and clicking storage. If the space is nearly full, it’s time to start deleting data. There’s system junk to worry about too, particularly since this cannot be cleaned as easily as old travel photos. Cleaning system junk can be pretty complicated so we recommend you invest in CleanMyMacX.

  1. Don’t leave it out for everyone to see

If you’re out in public, don’t turn your back. If you’re staying in a hostel, don’t leave it unattended on your bunk. It is important to stay alert and not trust anyone. Even if you have a cheap laptop – there’s always someone who wants to steal it, especially if you’re travelling to a poor country (your laptop is very valuable to them even if it isn’t something as luxurious as Apple).

In summary

These were the dos and don’ts of travelling with your laptop safely. To protect your device you need to keep it with you, not use a laptop bag, add padding, back up your data, clean up your space, and not leave it out for strangers to steal. Happy travels

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