Star Wars Digital Set Unboxing

The Dork Side – Part 2 #MyStarWars Memories #unboxing

Star Wars Digital Set UnboxingIt’s here! The second part of our Star Wars Digital Collection unboxing! After our first Star Wars box – we didn’t know what to expect although the outside of this box gave us a pretty good hint! Be happy I’m doing the unboxing too – Becky wouldn’t know who some of the characters are or what the different color light sabers mean!

So what did we find inside our second Star Wars Digital Collection box?

Thank you again Disney, 20th Century Fox and Lucasfilm for the great goodies, I’m off to watch the Empire Strikes Back, we got a Free Google Play download code for it! Watch our video below to see what’s in each set – and don’t forget you can get the Star Wars Digital Collection in HD today! And remember… Han shot First!

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