The Container Store Comes to Michigan #ContainNovi

Container Store Novi Opening

Organization lovers, color lovers and Type-A personalities – it’s time to celebrate! The Container Store is opening their first store in Michigan tomorrow. That’s right, everything you could need or want to organize your life – in every way possible is available and in many different options. I was treated to a sneak peek of the store location yesterday, and was amazed at what’s inside. This was my first visit to The Container Store, and I have to say I was amazed at the selection and the list of items I’ve already decided I need in our home.

Container Store Novi OpeningThe Novi location of The Container store opens tomorrow at 9 am with a small dance and ceremony with their crowned Super fan before the doors actually open. The new location is around 22,000 square feet with close to 11,000 different products. With around 30 employees, the store will be able to help you solve any organization problem you may have in your home. Not only are their employees knowledgeable about organization, but they’ve had over 260 hours of training to make sure they can assist with any request. The Container Store has several different principles for their employees, but one in particular is their concept “Desert Island Questions”. While the initial response to the question “What would you need if you were deserted on a desert island would be “water”, there are other things you may need to make your life better that wouldn’t come to mind. So their employees will ask you questions to help decide what else you may need to solve the problem in your home.

Container Store Novi OpeningWhat can you find in The Container Store? Everything and Anything to make our life easier. From packing, wrapping supplies, kitchen organization, glass and BPA free plastic canisters, closet supplies, garage, office and more. You will find travel goods, baskets, boxes and whatever else you need to sort and organize. I was pleasantly surprised to see a wall of Moleskin notebooks, and even a Meal Planning note pad. They have seriously thought of everything!

Container Store Novi OpeningBesides being thorough for covering every category of organization you need, the store is laid out and easy to shop in. The displays are beautifully set up, and colors are separated out so everything looks like a beautiful rainbow of organization. Prices range from a few dollars up to a couple hundred (and more) depending on your solution and choice. And you can select different designs and finishes to make your own space at home.

We returned to The Container Store in the evening for their special VIP party. Not only were we treated to a live band and fantastic food, but they highlighted interesting ways to use their organization products while entertaining. I’m excited to head back to The Container Store this weekend and shop, there are so many items we need that we didn’t even know existed!

Be sure to stop in and check out The Container Store’s new location in Novi this weekend. 10% of all of the sales will be donated to Forgotten Harvest. They are also doing giveaways hourly on Saturday and one lucky winner will win a $1000 Elfa prize package including installation in their home.

The Container Store is located at 43525 W Oaks Drive, Novi, MI 48377 Stay tuned for another location of The Container Store opening in Troy this fall!


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