The Best Ways to Start Gardening

The Best Ways to Start Gardening

Each year, many people start or want to start their own gardens. There are three basic types of gardening. The three types of gardens are vegetable, flower, and container gardening. Any of these three gardens can range in size and location.

Curb Appeal Gardening

Many flower gardens are added to the front of the home for curb appeal. Most of the flower gardens are placed along the front entrance for beauty as the guests and owners of the home will have an attractive walkway. Some gardens are placed in sections of the front yard for further depth and beauty. The third and final places floral gardens are placed are along fences or near the curbs of the yard for viewing as people walk or drive by.

When planting gardens for curb appeal, you will want to consider plants indigenous to the area you live in, different heights of plants, and various colors. Each of the fore mentioned things when considering the layout of the floral gardens in the front of your home or yard will help create a more eye catching garden. This is especially so, if you are considering selling your home.

Some flower gardens are added to the back yard for spring and summer sitting areas. In flower gardens such as these, people who plant flower gardens in their back yards often include patio furniture or other types of seating arrangements for the purpose of outdoor entertaining as well.

Container Gardening

For those who choose to use container gardening are usually limited on space around the exterior of their homes. However, container gardening can be used inside the home as well. With container gardening, the size of the garden will depend on the size of the area being used outside. Many people who live in apartment communities use this style of gardening for their balconies or decks. Also, seniors who live in senior living complexes find container gardening easier for them to manage with such limited spaces inside and out.

For container gardening in your home or office, you will want to use plants that will be compatible with inside gardening. Such plants for inside container gardening are: ivies, hostas, palms, and similar plants. You will also want to consider the height and width of these plants when choosing them. Some indoor plants can grow at least to the height of your ceiling and others will grow wider across the container.

For instance, palm style plants will grow upwards and will need to be re-potted over time. This opposite is true of ivy style plants. They will grow lower with vining limbs and also will need to be re-potted over time. With vine style plants, once they vines become longer than you wish you can break the vines off at the joints, place the broken ends in water to root for further vines to place in containers. You can also check some tips to protect your plants on winter, even those who are indoor.

Vegetable Gardens

Those who plant vegetable gardens do so for the fresh vegetables during the late spring to early fall. The sizes of the vegetable gardens vary upon those who plant them.

Some families plant vegetables just for the season, while other families plant them to can the vegetables to last during the winter months. By planting a vegetable garden large enough to be able to can for the winter months, the gardeners are able to control the ingredients that are placed into each of the canned vegetables, such as salt, alum, and other items needed for canning.

One thing many do not consider is also planting some vegetable plants in containers. Tomatoes, certain green beans, lettuce, and carrots can easily be grown in containers if you have a limited area for vegetable gardening.

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