The Best Way to See Historical Places in Philadelphia

Historical Places to Visits in Philadelphia

Do you want to be in the room where it happened? So much of our nation’s history can be traced to the founding fathers and what they did and the meetings they held in New York and Philadelphia. From writing the constitution, creating laws and the base of what we know as modern Democracy.

Philadelphia is a popular spot for schools to take kids to teach about our nations history. But the city, rich in history is an amazing place to visit for families or even couples just trying to find some place new and unique to explore.

The city has so much going on, that to visit everything in a single day is virtually impossible. But there is one way to get an overview of the city and what it has to offer – the BigBus Tours. We were invited to see the city this way and see just what they had to offer.

Like many tour bus companies, there are a variety of ways to use the service. The BigBus tour allows you hop on and hop off stops along the way where you can visit monuments, museums, shop or dine. Start your day hopping on the hour long tour and learning more about the popular locations throughout the city, little known city facts and learn about what makes the area unique. Our recommendation – ride the tour once completely, either first thing in the morning or later when you need a rest to get the most information, but also to find other spots you may want to visit in the city later.

Downtown Philadelphia is busy – and the historical district may be slammed with tourists but it’s definitely worth waiting in those lines to see iconic things along the way like the Liberty Bell, or checking out Betsy Ross’ home.

While a bus tour may not be the first thing on your list when traveling, it gives you a great overview of the area. Often some of the best tours we get are from bus tours since they have little known facts they share with you as you enjoy the views. Snap some pictures, enjoy a fun tour of the city while taking in some fresh air as well.


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