The Best View in Chicago from the Hyatt McCormick Place @hyattmccormick

Hyatt mccormick place review

Chicago Hyatt McCormick PlaceIt’s only a few hours away, and it seems I’m always heading to Chicago. At least once a year for work, and a few times or more for the blog. I know downtown Chicago well enough I can give directions, or find almost anything without asking directions. But it’s not often I get to sit back and just enjoy the view.

Chicago Hyatt McCormick Place

Earlier this month I was back in Chicago for IHHS, and the Hyatt McCormick Place was nice enough to offer us bloggers a discount for our stay, if we shared it with our readers. This wasn’t my first stay the Hyatt McCormick place, I also stayed there last summer while I was in town for Blogher.

Since there was a group of us, we were given an executive suite with king sized bed, as well as a connected room with a queen and a full. Each room came fully equipped with large closets for storage, dressers and a mini fridge. The only thing that could have possibly been added is a microwave, if you plan on spending some time in the room. The larger suite not only had a flat screen TV in the sleeping area, but also in the living room area so you could enjoy your show anywhere.

Chicago Hyatt McCormick Place

The larger suite also included a great desk area. I set my laptop out with every intention to work while I was there… let’s just say it held my computer nicely! I didn’t have time or energy to actually work at the desk, even though I wanted to.

Whenever I travel to Chicago, I usually joke that all I do is walk and eat. The food is amazing around the city – so of course that’s what we do! But this time I walked all day, had food delivered and enjoyed nothing more than climbing into a large soft bed and watching the Food Network. I know, it sounds like a waste of time when you’re in a city as great as Chicago – but after walking 5 to 7 miles a day, there was nothing better than sitting and just enjoying the view.

As quick as my trips are to the city, I don’t often take the time to kick back and enjoy the beauty around me. One thing I’ve noticed about the Hyatt McCormick Place there aren’t any bad views. Your room will either have a view of the city skyline (you’ll be located in the South Loop area) or of Lake Michigan, which I of course love. Our rooms had views of both much to my surprise.

There is so much to do while you’re in Chicago, even though I’m usually there for conferences or work. But it being connected to the McCormick Place conference center, makes it great for many of those trips. It’s also not located in the heart of downtown which means you can find lower rates of parking, easier to navigate streets and some good food within a short distance.

The Hyatt McCormick place has a couple different deals going on if you’re heading towards Chicago. You can check out their Social Media deal, if you’re a fan of them on Facebook or online you can find deeply discounted rates on their rooms for most days of the year.¬†They also have a Stay and Play package, that includes $20 food credit a day, Free parking with in and out privileges, as well as free wireless internet. This is perfect if you’re heading to Chicago to check out the museums, head to a game or even for a conference.

I hear that the Hyatt has a pretty awesome pool… maybe on another trip I’ll make it down to it. Instead, this time I was just thankful for a large bed to rest in and some great food delivery!


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