The Best US Cities for Music Fans to Visit

The Best US Cities for Music Fans to Visit

Music lovers are spoiled for choice if they want to go on a musical pilgrimage in the United States. There are so many great cities that are the birthplace of a particular genre or scene, or that are known for their connections to a certain type of music, or musical figure. No matter what type of music you like, you’ll find somewhere exciting to visit, where you can explore both the history and the current happenings of your favorite music. In fact, there are so many places that it can be hard to decide where to go. Consider these suggestions as a starting point.


If you’re a lover of country music, you can’t really beat Nashville as the place to be. It has a lot of history related to country music, and it’s still where you’re going to find the heart of the county music industry. There are some essential venues you’ll want to visit while you’re there, like the Bluebird Cafe and Ryman Auditorium. Plus, you can discover famous recording studios, music museums, and the famous Grand Ole Opry. There’s so much to see and do for country lovers in Nashville, and plenty of opportunities to catch a live show of both big and small acts.

New York

You’ll find a diverse range of music has come out of New York, both City and state, from indie rock to soul. But if there’s one genre that definitely calls for a trip to NYC, it has to be hip-hop. The Bronx is seen as the birthplace of hip-hop, and the city has produced both old and new acts in the genre. There are some great ways to explore the city and the origins of the genre with a tour, as well as some amazing street art inspired by popular artists. Or, if hip hop isn’t your thing, you might be tempted by musicals on Broadway instead.


Perhaps Cleveland isn’t your first thought for a musical vacation, but it is home to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. There are also some great music events and festivals, and the city has produced some amazing musicians, including Tracy Chapman and Nine Inch Nails. If you want to stay close to the Hall of Fame, you can’t go wrong with a comfortable apartment like those at ROOST Cleveland Hotel. You’ll be really close to the famous attraction, where you can get tickets for a tour, view the exhibits, and even see live music and events.

New Orleans

If jazz is more your thing, New Orleans is definitely the place you have to visit. This colorful, lively city is a hotbed of jazz and blues music, and it’s also a fantastic place for food lovers. As well as being the hometown of Louis Armstrong, the city produces plenty of modern jazz, with some incredible venues for anyone looking for intimate performances.

You have your pick of places to go if you’re looking for music legends across the US. Find somewhere that matches the music you love.


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