The Best Nerdy Gifts to Fuel Their Fandom

Lootcrate Holiday Option

It doesn’t matter who is on your shopping list, but everyone has a fandom. It could be an old school love of westerns, or a die hard fans of Star Wars. But there’s a gift for that person on your list. And sometimes – the nerdiest gifts are the absolute best.

This year, we have found some of the best nerdy gifts for anyone on your list. Small gifts with a nod towards their favorite things are always appreciated, and we’ve put together a list of some of the best ones you can find this year!

Keep the Old School Gamers Hydrated

Pacman Water bottles

Old school gamers may be getting older and the technology may have changed but that doesn’t mean their love for the classics have. It’s hard to believe that they can walk past an arcade without stopping to play their favorite games. And that’s exactly why they need one of these great Pacman bottles. The Pacman Stainless Steel bottle or Pacman Tritan Water bottle are absolutely perfect to give them a nod to their favorite game and help keep them hydrated at the same time.

Carry Your Favorite TMNT With You Everywhere You Go

World's Coolest Mini Toys Ninja Turtles

When you say “Turtles in a half shell” do they automatically answer “Turtle Power!”? This year give them the World’s Smallest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Completely articulated and in packaging to match, you can get them their favorite Ninja Turtle to take around on their keys with them. The details on these tiny heroes is amazing and they may just opt to keep them on their shelves instead.

Send Monthly Fandom with Lootcrate

Lootcrate Holiday Option

Subscription boxes are still all the rage. The monthly boxes that show up filled with surprises is still huge with fans, and no one does it better than Lootcrate! You can choose ones that are themed or go with just the general Lootcrate box. But you’ll never know what you’ll get in them. From old nostalgic fandom to more current things, Lootcrate gives you exclusive items every month that you wont find anywhere else!

Grab your Lootcrate subscription here!

Nostalgic 80’s Pop Culture Come In the World’s Smallest Toys

World's Smallest HeMan Toys

Another throwback for the 80’s kid is World’s Smallest He-Man Figurines. Get the Masters of the Universe toys you always wanted in a tiny action figure and packaging. Recreated off of the toys of our childhood, you’lre going to love these tiny action figures.

Young Gamers Will Love These MineCraft Bottles

Minecraft Water Bottles

Younger gamers love Minecraft, and the game just seems to be gaining in popularity. And what every young gamer needs are water bottles to help keep them hydrated for those long building sessions. They’re going to love finding a Minecraft Stainless Steel water bottle or Cube Minecraft Water Bottle under the tree.

Don’t Forget The Disney Lovers on Your List

Mickey Mouse Tea Pot Review

There is one Disney fanatic in every household and we absolutely love this Mickey Mouse Tea Set. With an adorable Mickey face as the tea cup, and a large mug to enjoy your tea in (just wait til you see the cute mouse tail on the back) – it even comes with a spoon to mix your drink around. This is the perfect set for the lover of the Mouse House and other Disney favorite characters are available as well!

Stay Warm and Cozy with the Child

Mandalorian The Child Mug Review

We are all absolutely in love with The Mandalorian and no one can deny that this is mostly due to how adorable, and mischievous Grogu, also known at The Child. And one way you can keep them warm is cozying up with an adorable 3D sculpted mug of The Child. Just watch those frog eggs if you choose to use the mug!


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