The Best Kitchen Items for Preparing Your Holiday Feast

kitchen must have items for making a holiday meal

kitchen must have items for making a holiday meal

With the holiday meal looming and parties on the horizon, do you have what you need to make everything for your guests? There are so many great products that will keep your friends and family fed and taken are of during the party, but they will make prepping for the event so much easier! Are you ready to head into the kitchen? Don’t forget to have these great products waiting for you.

The Small Appliance That Does More Than You Expect! 

mealthy handblend immersion blender review

The Mealthy Handblend is an affordable immersion blender that has everything you need to make several recipes with one tool. It comes with the blender stick attachment, a whisk attachment, a chopper bowl and a smoothie cup. You can use the Handblend to do the trivial tasks like chopping onions or vegetables, to making your favorite drinks. And as an added bonus, all of the attachments are dishwasher safe on the top rack, which means quick and easily clean up.

We were surprised with the quality of the Mealthy HandBlend for under $30, which is a lot more affordable than a lot of its competitors on the market. Built from sturdy stainless steel, you can feel the heft and weight in your hands. The top has a dial that can adjust the speed  up to ten different speeds or you can push the Turbo button on the front for a quick pulse of energy. You can feel the power in your hands as you use the HandBlend.

Grab a Handblend and replace those outdated appliances you have! 

JoyJolt Brings Design and function to Your Drink Service

The JoyJolt Carre bourbon glasses are unique, square, and handmade by expert artisans, with an architectural design that will make a lasting impression. This old fashioned glasses are sturdy and strong enough for bar glasses or in areas where breakage of rocks glasses is a concern. These liquor glasses are handmade. and have a strong base, and come in a beautiful embossed magnetic closure gift box, the perfect gift idea for any occasions.

The Carre Collection is JoyJolt’s newest, expertly designed, timelessly unique new series. With an elegant and luxuriously chic design, the Carre Collection includes several masterly hand made products carefully enclosed in elegantly embossed crafted boxes. The collection’s artisan products are easily recognized by their heavy set square bases and asymmetrical design made with top quality materials. The Carre Collection is in a class of its own and will inevitably raise the standard of any occasion they are added to.

Add some design and function to your drinks with the Carre Collection

Up Your Appetizer Game with an Innovative Cheeseboard

Warm up your guests’ appetites with beautifully presented alluring food platters. From cheese, meat & fruit platters to delectable hors d’oeuvres give free rein to your culinary creativity and surprise your guests with memorable dinner party. Includes a hidden drawer to store the cheese tools and forks while not in use that  can be completely removed for easy cleaning. It has deep and wide side grooves for crackers, bread, nuts, olives anchovies. The set includes 6 stainless steel cheese cutlery  – Sleek modern silhouette, all stainless steel brushed finish utensils make ours more durable for a lifetime of use.  Rust free & Dishwasher safe.

Serve appetizers and more with this great cheese board

Make Dishes in No Time with an Electric Pressure Cooker

mealthy multi-cooker review

Dinner and side dishes are done in virtually minutes with the Mealthy Multi-pot. Like pressure cookers you use on the stove, Mealthy has a pressure indicator on the top that will show you when high pressure has been reached. It also has a steam release that you simply turn to pressure or venting when you are adding a recipe to the appliance! What I noticed when making my first recipe was that the Mealthy MultiPot doesn’t have a lock on the lid – but don’t worry, if the pot is pressurized, the lid is locked on and it wont get knocked off. We love ours so much we call it our magic pot!

Make Meals and Side Dishes easier with Your Own Multi-pot


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