gifts for athletes under $25

The Best Gift Ideas for the Active People on Your List

Many people enjoy camping, hunting, playing all sorts of sports and being active. Gifts for those who love the outdoors or playing sports do not need to be expensive. Stay within a budget and still get a great gift for under $25.

Great Presents for the Sports Athlete

Athletes come in all shapes and sizes. Some love to play basketball, while others are volleyball enthusiasts. This Christmas, a basketball, soccer ball or volleyball can be a great gift and cost under $25.00.

For a more unique idea, buy the cycler an LED rear bicycle light with both solid and flashing light options.

Popular this Christmas is aluminum water bottles. These can purchased in one packs, or save even more money by purchasing two. Aluminum water bottles not only keep liquids colder longer, but they are also great for the environment.

Golf balls make a great gift for the golfer, and some places can even have them engraved or put a special logo on them for a small fee. Golf gloves are also a unique gift that can be stitched to make personalized. If you want to make it more special and expensive, a virtual golf simulator is a perfect choice.

Anything that is related to yoga can be a big hit, but to come up with something more unusual think about giving a pair of yoga sticky socks. These are great for those who attend yoga classes and share mats with others, or just for those who need an extra grip on the bottom of their feet.

For something less active but still a classic gift try a box of baseball or basketball trading cards for those who enjoy sports but may not want to participate.

Great Xmas Presents for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Tents can be found for very reasonable prices, especially at online retailers. To be more creative, consider a solar clip light that can be attached to a baseball cap or visor and provide instant light when maneuvering around in the dark.

A Swiss army knife always makes a great gift for the outdoor enthusiast. Find one that has numerous tools in it, including a miniature screwdriver and a nail file. Some Swiss army knives come with a pair of tweezers to delicately remove splinters from the great outdoors.

Outdoor lanterns are an unusual but unique gift for the camper or hiker and can be purchased in solar power versions or battery operated. Don’t forget to throw in a pack of batteries if required!

Finding the Perfect Gift for the Active Person

Even sports and outdoor gifts can be affordable as long as a bit of creativity is used. Classic gifts are always a big hit, but for those who want to be a bit more unique, try something a bit off the wire. It is easy to spend under $25.00 and still find the perfect gift.

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