The Best Baby Shark Toy for Bathtime

Baby Shark Swimming and Singing Toy Review

We’ve all heard the song and chances are just hearing the name Baby Shark – you may have it stuck in your head already. And as much as parents may not love the trend, toddlers and preschoolers absolutely love the song and the characters in the song. It’s a phenomenon we didn’t see coming – and now, it is one that they can take in the bathtub with them!

Our friends at Zuru has created a line of swimming Baby Shark toys that not only swim when they are in the tub but play the song that your little ones love and will want to sing along with.

Baby Shark Swimming and Singing Toy Review

Each of the Baby Shark family members have two small electrical connection nodes on the outside. When they are put in water, their connection is completed and the shark will start playing the Baby Shark song and the sharks tail will start moving – helping it move through the water.

What you don’t see is inside the shark is the technology that makes it worked. A sealed system that actually keeps the shark afloat but also upright. This means that Baby Shark will keep swimming around the tub as your kid plays and splashes.

Had enough of the song? Don’t worry – the Baby Shark toy has a four minute shut off time. That means you can limit how often it’s played during bathtime or even use it it as a way to gauge how long they’ve been playing and in the tub. It’s a cute way to get them to play and bring their favorite character into bathtime.

Does your kid need their own swimming Baby Shark Toys? Get Baby Shark, Mommy Shark and Daddy Shark for more fun in their bathtimes!

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