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The Benefits of Vacationing in Your Own City

Most of us live in large, sprawling cities, and we may end up never fully knowing our city, it’s beauty, its people, its vibrancy…its life force. For example, people may live in the city’s outer flanks, the suburbs, and may commute downtown back and forth downtown to work, or just parts of the ‘burbs, never really knowing their cities. Cities grow and change all of the time. Fast glimpses of it, everyday, as we commute never gives us full appreciation of our cities, as our cities change and grow. We may end up moving around a bit in the same city, but still not fully appreciating it, because we never fully go back to those old areas, and growth and changes end up overwhelming them.

Wandering in one’s own city can lead to exploring some great and exotic locations right on your doorstep. Why spend thousands of dollars on some fancy vacation when one can be bedazzled by the local scenery of a familiar place?  There are lots that people take for granted when it comes to exploring their own back yard. Many think that they need to go far away to relax and unwind when it can be done right at home.

One can be taken aback and left breathless while exploring the rich culture and history that the local city has to offer. Hidden behind the concrete walls and high rise buildings lies a certain ambiance, pride, patriotism and humor that only a ”true native” can fully comprehend.  Each city has it’s own history dating back for centuries, and with this history there is a lot to visit like heritage sites and museums. It can be shocking what one can discover hidden out there.

Many people miss an opportunity to go backpacking round their own cities. They think that they will never find anything of natural beauty or a ” true wonder”, yet they are missing out on the sights and sounds as well as the vibrancy of the city life. When one gets caught up with work, marriage, children and the daily hassles of life then he/she does not really hear, smell, touch and taste what charm the local city has to offer. One who takes a day off to discover the local region can first hand taste the delicious home made coffee brew or bread that is native to that specific city. The taste can be felt by the soul, and the passion of that city flows through one’s blood.

The recession has played a major part in forcing people to take vacation’s nearer to home, and this is not a bad thing. Many people apart from saving money , and gaining the same benefits out of a vacation; see the value of appreciating the good life nearer to home and work. This means more frequent trips to the beach, and overnight fishing trips. 

There are many benefits to wandering one’s own city. There are opportunities to learn, respect and discover new things that help the overworked, overstressed and paranoid; live life again without having to take significant time off work or spend large amounts of money to get away from the stresses of modern life. Wandering one’s own city also helps reconnect one’s soul with the once lost charm and splendour that the city had to offer.

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