The Benefits Of Adding A Dash Of Local To Your Diet

The Benefits Of Adding A Dash Of Local To Your Diet

With diet having such a huge impact on our health, this is one area where almost everyone looks to make positive changes. Unfortunately, as long as we’re buying the ‘right’ food in terms of fruit veg and other fresh stuff, we often fail to consider one equally imperative factor – where that food comes from.

Yet, studies have continually shown that even so-called healthy supermarket foods typically sourced from surprising distances see us missing out on all-important nutrients and a lot else besides. This suggests that, instead of going for the easy option, truly healthy diets may require us to take things back to the days of shopping locally. To prove why, we’re going to consider how your diet could benefit from adding a dash of something local. 

Fresher ingredients in general

Supermarket fruit and veg typically travels a fair distance before it hits the shelves, but few of us realize what this means for the quality of our diets. Unfortunately, even a day of travelling before purchase could compromise a lot of the benefits of a healthy meal, especially considering that nutritional value drops from the moment of picking. By comparison, freshly bought local foods that you either pick yourself or buy within an hour or less of harvest is much more likely to contain higher levels of nutritional goodness, meaning that you can enjoy far more health-based benefits from every single meal.

Improved food transparency

The health benefits of supermarket food also come under fire considering that we don’t really know what happens to it before it hits our shelves. Worse, supermarket workers who didn’t grow that food themselves can typically tell us very little about things like the methods used to grow it, the prevalence of chemicals, and even how long it’s travelled for. By comparison, it’s far easier to understand the intricacies of local food likely sold to you by the farmer that picked it. You’ll certainly be able to pick someone’s brains about whether solid or liquid fertiliser was used (the latter of which can increase nutrients), where that veg was grown (e.g. rurally vs by the roadside), and, of course, how long ago it was picked. All of which can help you to get to grips with the best-produced, healthiest food possible. 

The seasonal touch

Supermarket supplies that see us able to buy anything we need at any time of year have largely led us to step away from seasonal eating, but many people now believe that this, in itself, is harming the health of our diets year-round. After all, our body’s requirements vary a great deal depending on things like sun exposure, temperature, etc. Only by stepping back to local food that better reflects our seasons can we tap into this health benefit, ensuring that we enjoy the best comfort foods for fuel during the winter months, and light, fresh dishes to keep us charged but cool during summer. 

Local shopping seems like a no-brainer for ensuring the healthy diet you’ve always struggled towards. So, what’s stopping you from giving it a go? 

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