The Basics Of Setting Up In A New Home

The Basics Of Setting Up In A New Home

Moving into a new property, there’s a lot to get set up, and when you’ve done the whole stressful procedure of moving house, you just want to rest. However, in the first few days of being in your new home, you want to make sure everything is as it should be. There are some things you want to get done pretty much on the day of your move, and then there will be other tasks that you can probably leave until a little bit later. Setting up your home can be fun though, as it’s a new chapter in your life for you and your household. Whether it’s you and your partner or a family, here are the basics of setting up in a new home that you’ll need to know and get sorted.

Give Your New Home A Clean

The new home, although it might be a brand new home, is still going to need a clean down and even more so if it’s not a new home. If it hasn’t already been completely gutted out by the previous owners, you’ll want to do some deep cleaning before you start moving your own stuff into it. Think about what is needed and start on this clean ideally before all your belongings arrive from the removals van. Usually, there might be a bit of leeway on when you move out of your current home and into the new one. If you have access to the new one sooner, then you can spend more time getting it prepped and ready for when the move happens. The less cleaning you have to do on the day, the better. There’s a lot of dust and dirt that collect even in new homes, and it’s also good to just give everything a wipe down so that you don’t really need to do much cleaning in the first week that you’re thereafter. It means you’ve got some extra time to spend relaxing before the weekly cleaning routine gets put into action.

Get Your Beds Sorted

The beds are your main priority when it comes to moving in because after all, you need a place to sleep after an eventful day of moving on that first day in your new home. Try and get the beds up and freshly made. You can always put on the new bedding ready when you’re at your old property the morning of the move itself. There might be a chance that you need to purchase more beds to fill the house you’re in, especially if you’ve come from a smaller property. For now, if you don’t have the funds, blow up beds are effective enough, but make sure you sort out new beds as soon as you can because they can take several weeks to usually get made and sent out to your property. If it’s just you and your partner, then the rush won’t be so urgent but it might be once you start having children. Guests will also need somewhere to stay, so that’s worth considering too.

Unpack As Quickly As You Can

When it comes unpacking, it can seem like the last thing you want to do when you spent the week or more before packing everything up. However, the longer you leave it packed up, the harder it will become to unpack it, and before long, you’ll have boxes that have been sitting there for months. Try to be ruthless with yourself and get unpacking. Start by prioritizing what’s important, and it’s handy if you’ve labeled all the boxes and have the content noted down too. That way you can unpack everything in the right order and as and when it’s needed so that if you do run out of time in the day, you’ll have unpacked most of the important bits and bobs. Try to take as few breaks as possible and to help with the unpacking, turn on some music or have your favorite film or television program on in the background. This can help you to stay motivated and to power through those hours where you feel like giving up.

Set Up The Broadband

The broadband is an essential part for the whole household to have up and running as soon as possible. It’s crazy just how much we rely on technology nowadays, and so even though your phones can get access to the internet, having broadband is important. Try to set this up prior to moving in as sometimes it can be difficult to get a date available to have an engineer come out. So let your provider know that you’re moving and try to schedule in the date as soon as you’ve moved in, even if they’re attending on the day of your move. There’s always a risk that they may cancel or reorganize the date anyway. You can see what options there are for packages on tablet sim SMARTY.

It’ll be important to everyone within the household to get this sorted and to also make sure that the internet speed is the fastest that you can get within your area. That’s something worth checking and make sure is possible with this new property that you live in.

Set Up Any Other Utility Bills

The rest of your utility bills are also important, so you want to firstly make sure that they’ve all been canceled in your old home and then it’s time to focus on the new property. Be sure to try and go with the most affordable but also ask your current suppliers what they can offer. To save on hassle, if you can get a good enough deal with your suppliers, you might as well stick with them. Take a point in the day, unless it’s on the weekend, to sit down and organize the utility bills. This can be yourself or your partner if they’re more clued up with how it all works.

Go Shopping For Supplies

Next up, you need supplies, and these are your basics that will keep you going until you do a bigger shop. Things like toiletries, cereal and milk, cleaning products and anything else that you can think of. Doing a big shop is something you want to do a few days later when you’re all settled in and not living amongst boxes, otherwise there’s just more clutter and mess to sort out. Get supplies that will keep you watered, fed, and keep your hygiene intact, no matter how sweaty it gets when unpacking and moving boxes.

Make A List Of Things To Buy

The next list you want to make is a list of household things you need to buy for your home in the near future. This might be items of furniture that you didn’t have in your last home but you now need in your new one. Having a list can help you keep your priorities straight in what you need quickly and what you can hold off on for a while. It might be blinds for your windows or a new sofa. Whatever it is, make a list and organize it room.

List it by priority so that you can work your way down the list in a manner that helps you live as comfortably in your new home as possible.

Do Everything As A Household

The household unit is not just you and your partner if you have children. The children, as long as they’re old enough, should be making to help out with the move and the unpacking of the home too. Teaching your children this is going to help them have the same attitude when it comes to their move in the future. Make it a team effort and have everyone involved. It makes everything go a little bit quicker too than just the one or two people doing it. It’s good to make these memories together, even if it’s exhausting and you’re tired of seeing a mountain full of boxes.

Do A Second Declutter

A second declutter is worth doing when everything is being unpacked. There might be a few rogue items that have gone into the boxes you’ve packed from your old home and you realized you don’t actually need it anymore. This can be cleansing because you then know whatever is in your new home is meant to be there. It cuts down on anything that might have been put away and then not used or noticed until years later. Again, do this as a family because everyone has something that they own which another member of the family might not be aware of, or think that it’s useless.

The basics of setting up a new home can be easy if everything is well organised. So use this opportunity as something that’s exciting and fun to do. Whether you’re on your own, with a partner or family, it’s a new chapter where many more memories will be made. Unpack as quick as you can so that you can relax sooner!

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