The Babymoon is a Sweet Comedy Coming out in February

the baby moon review

the baby moon review

Having your first baby will change everything in your life. That’s probably why our generation has started taking Babymoons – a last trip together before your first child is born. It’s a trip that is suppose to help you relax, get closer as a couple and enjoy that last bit of “freedom” before you’re a parent. But what if you’re already having issues and you accidentally take your Babymoon in an area that has a political revolution happening? That’s exactly the premise behind The Babymoon, an all new film coming out on February 14th.

I was given an early look at The Babymoon, and really didn’t know what to expect. While the story seems to start a little slow, the movie quickly pulls you in. One thing The Babymoon is not is a romantic comedy – while there is a bit of romance, and quite a bit of comedy the movie, but the relationship issues lead it away from the romance category. The main couple have relationship issues, and the situation they are put in doesn’t exactly make it easier. But the movie has a lot of comedy, cultural references, and unexpected moments. With bad guys who can’t quite keep it together, and a kidnapping that doesn’t quite go as planned, the movie will have you laughing even through some of the more tension filled moments. Overall the movie is sweet, and takes a couple who are trying to get away to the place they really need to be. With recognizable cast members like Julie McNiven, Shaun Sipos and Jessica Camacho the movie will entertain you and quickly become a movie you’ll want to see again and again.

About The Babymoon:

The Babymoon review‘The Babymoon,’ an adventure-comedy film born out of the recent phenomenon of expecting parents taking elaborate vacations in the few precious weeks prior to the birth of their first child, is set for digital and VOD release on February 14th, 2017.    Directed by award-winning Writer/Director Bailey Kobe it’s the story of one couple’s picture-perfect tropical getaway that takes a hilarious turn when they accidentally choose a country that is undergoing a political revolution.   The film features a fantastic ensemble cast including Julie McNiven (Mad Men, Supernatural) Shaun Sipos (Vampire Diaries, Melrose Place),  Jessica Camacho (Dexter, DC Comics/CW’s The Flash),  Michael Steger (90210, True Blood), and  Phillip Garcia (Scandal/ Telenovela).

“Gravitas couldn’t be more pleased to release ‘The Babymoon’ and work with an authentic, unique voice like Writer/Director Bailey Kobe” said Dan Fisher, Sr. Director of Acquisitions from the film’s distributor Gravitas Ventures. “With real ‘Babymoons’ exploding in popularity among real couples, we’re delighted to bring this timely, funny and touching adventure, starring a great young ensemble cast, to audiences.”


In a fragile relationship, a husband tries to impress his pregnant wife, with a luxurious babymoon vacation to the most beautiful, exotic, Instagram–able, country on the planet, but quickly learns that the country is undergoing a political revolution!

The Babymoon will be available on Amazon and Videos on Demand on February 14th. Find more about The Babymoon movie and order it for a fun movie to enjoy online. You can preorder The Babymoon on DVD and Blu-ray!



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