The All New 2020 BMW X6 Brings Luxury to the Family Vehicle

2020 BMW X6 Review

When you get a new car for the family – do you have to compromise or can you still get some of the luxury features you’ve been looking for? For someone who doesn’t want to give up their luxuries BMW has an answer for you – their all new 2020 BMW X6 that takes your family vehicle to the next level.

Family Car Meets Luxury

2020 BMW X6 Review

The X6 seats five passengers and offers you everything you’d want in a family car – including a large space for bags or luggage, USB charging throughout, climate zones and even the option for heated seats. But what if you want more than what any cross over SUV can offer you?

With soft and subtle leather hugging you in the seats, a leather wrapped steering wheel and loaded with technology. But if you want to take it to the next level, you can get the Swarovski Crystal option with a glass shifter, and faceted dials that cast light beautifully as the sun hits them.

Stronger Lines Give the X6 A More Rugged Appearance

2020 BMW X6 Review

One of the main things BMW is touting about the all new X6 is the lines and the more rugged and masculine stance of the car. It turns heads and looks like it can take on any road or trail that it meets. The lines give it a different look than any of the other cars in the current BMW line up.

This more masculine look helps set the X6 apart but also has a functional purpose. The lines and strategically placed venting help with the aerodynamics of the car and will help you hit the speed you want without the drag other cars may get.

Just the Facts

2020 BMW X6 Review

With the new rugged look and sporty package, the 2020 BMW X6 has a starting price point of $64,300. And the M50i model we drove with all of the added features comes in at $85,650. It does better than some of the other models in the current BMW line up getting 21 miles to the gallon in the city and 26 on the highway, making it fun to drive and a top pick for a more luxurious family vehicle.


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