The Adventure Challenge Friends Edition Helps Create New Memories for Your Friends and Family

The Adventure Challenge Friends Edition Review

While getting together with your friends isn’t happening like it used to, that doesn’t mean it wont in the (hopefully) near future. And to celebrate your friendships, and everything you have done together there’s actually a fun and new way to document it – and create new memories. The Adventure challenge!

This fun book series features everything you need to do to get you and your friends out of the same old same old routine and trying new things. The book features scratch off activities for you and your friends to try – and a place to take a picture and include it inside. Document what you did and the book turns into a fun collection of your challenges and memories together.

The Adventure Challenge Friends Edition Review

With 50 unique challenges included, you may find yourself creating epic meals, popping some bubbly in the bathtub or chasing your friends throughout the town. Adventure is calling you off the couch, so pick up the Friend’s Edition and get ready to bring excitement back into your friendships.

The Adventure Challenge offers friends editions, couples and Family – plus you can get a bundle with a camera to keep with your book for each time you take it out! It’s a fun way to try new things and to create basically a scrap book for years to come.


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