The 2021 Hess Toy Truck Mini Collection is Here

Hess Truck 2021 Mini Collection

Collectors have love the Hess Holiday toys for years. We even have a few of them in our home. The scale models of their vehicles are not only fun, but ones that are made with such detail that collectors absolutely want to have them on their shelves. And this year, not only will you be able to grab your own holiday model (we’re still waiting to see what that will be) but you can also grab the Hess 2021 Mini Collection – a collection unlike any other they’ve released so far.

Hess Truck 2021 Mini Collection

So, what makes the Hess 2021 Mini Collection different? Not only do you get three highly detailed miniatures of their trucks but you also get 2 smaller cars as well. These highly detailed trucks can not only be used to display, but actually have working lights and sounds as well. It will be hard to not take off their stands to play with and see them rolling across the table or floors.

Hess Truck 2021 Mini Collection

But let’s talk about those stands too. Not only does each miniature come with it’s own stand but it’s labeled for display. Each stand is highly reflective and will showcase the details on your favorite Hess Truck when you have them out. They’re small enough to have on your desk, a shelf or just to keep in their box for safe keeping.

Hess Truck 2021 Mini Collection

Probably one of our favorite things about the new Hess 2021 Mini Truck set is that you can order them now for anyone on your Christmas list and you’ll have that checked off your list. They’re a great collector item, but something that anyone who loves cars and trucks can appreciate and would love to get as a gift. They’re an affordable way for fans top grow their collection and highlight some of their favorite vehicles.


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