The 2020 MINI John Cooper Works is a Fun Ride with Hidden Gems Inside

2020 Mini John Cooper Works Edition Review

The most common trend in cars right now is to go bigger and to get as much space as you can for your money. And while you’re driving along, you may see some of those super compact cars on the road and wonder just who would drive them. And the answer would surprise you – it may just be you.

We were given the opportunity to drive the 2020 MINI John Cooper Works CTM ALL4, and we were shocked at not only the interior space, but the features inside that we could easily fall in love with. At a price point starting at about $40,000 – the John Cooper Works is one of the more expensive MINI Coopers on the market, but it could easily become your go to family vehicle or the perfect one to take to the busy city since those compact spaces rarely get used.

Head Space and Leg Room For Days

2020 Mini John Cooper Works Edition Review
The 2002 MINI John Cooper Works CTM All4 may look small but the interior offers head and leg room you may not expect.

As a tall driver, coming in at 5′-11″, I was a bit hesitant when I first got into the John Cooper Works. But to my surprise, not only did I have to move my seat up after adjusting my steering wheel but I had over 6 inches of open space above my head. That means someone well over 6 feet tall can drive this car without feeling cramped. The exterior may be small, but inside they have maximized the space for your comfort.

Don’t think it’s just the main cabin that has a ton of space – the trunk is quite large too. Offering 17.2 cubic feet of storage, you can fit luggage, golf bags and a lot more back there. The back seat even offers 37.6 inches of leg room making it a comfortable for even adults to sit back there and not feel cramped.

How is there so much space in the MINI? According to MINI it’s one of their original features they did in “the Classic Mini, such as turning the engine sideways and our famous wheels-at-the-corners layout, were actually invented for the sole purpose of creating as much passenger room as possible.”

Flip the Switch To Get The Ride You Wouldn’t Expect

2020 Mini John Cooper Works Edition Review
Don’t look for a push button start on the MINI John Cooper Works – flip that switch to get it started.

Most newer vehicles are going to have push button starts, and when we first got into the John Cooper Works, it took a minute to locate how to start the car. Don’t look in your standard place, instead in the center of the main console look for the red toggle to start the car.

A quick flip of the switch and the MINI John Cooper Works roars into action and ready to go. With a TwinPower Turbo, 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder Valvetronic direct-injection engine with double VANOS you’ll hear the power as soon as you power on the car and get ready to take the road.

The Control Panel Will Have You Doing Circles

2020 Mini John Cooper Works Edition Review
The circular design of the MINI logo is scene throughout the interior design creating a fun and unique interior space.

Design is a huge part of any car. And the MINI John Cooper Works CTM All4 has the dual tone and accents throughout. But the interior brings the fun of the MINI brand to life. With circular dials, clocks and even the buttons throughout. It’s a fun and whimsical look in the car but helps tie together the theme.

Cute, fun to drive, and full of space – while it may look like its small from the outside, the John Cooper Works will surprise you the moment you get behind the wheel.

Just the Facts:

The MINI John Cooper Works CTM ALL4 gets 23 miles city/ 30 highway. Pricing starts at $41,400 and with the options included in the model we drove the cost is $50,100.

While the John Cooper Works is on the higher retail end for MINI, they do offer their Oxford Edition program for college students, recent grads and military personnel that offers vehicles starting at $19,750.


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