The 2020 BMW X7 M50i Adds Luxury to the Full Size SUV Market

2020 BMW X7 M50i Review

Power and speed is something we all want in our cars, but the reality is we need something that is an every day driver. While SUVs are one of the fastest growing segment for vehicle sales, few set themselves apart as much as the BMW X7 M50i. The vehicle seats 6, and will comfortably get you wherever life takes you.

A Family Vehicle with Extra Power

2020 BMW M7 Review

Any BMW with an M badge is going to be more power inside. It allows the driver to have that boost of power when you need it and that extra confidence while on the road. But what is the M badge? According to BMW it’s “Packed with power normally reserved for the track, BMW M delivers performance unlike anything other. And after four decades of delivering hair-raising thrills, it’s still pushing the limits. Grip the wheel of any of our M vehicles – from coupes and convertibles to Sports Activity Vehicles® – and elevate your adrenaline rushes to a higher level. BMW M’s blistering power is matched with responsive handling to deliver track-level performance in every maneuver. With near perfect 50/50 weight distribution, newly developed M xDrive, and M-engineered suspensions and differentials, M elevates BMW’s signature handling to the highest degree. ”

Do you need a family vehicle with that kind of power? We don’t see why not!

Luxury is Still A Focus on the X7

2020 BMW M7 Review

The BMW X7 M50i is loaded with technology including wireless charging, USB C ports throughout and a 12.3″ touch screen infotainment display. The car will keep you connected on the go, and keep the kids entertained in the back seat.

You can get the added Swarovski crystal package and have the glass gear shift and dials throughout the the car. While this is a small detail and completely unneeded, it will give the car an extra bit of glitter and will make you smile when you see it. The faceted edges on the dials will be nice texture and make the dials easy to use while keeping your eyes on the road.

Available BMW Individual enhancements include the finest leathers, exclusive colors, and gorgeous interior trims, all custom added to your specifications. The standard Heated Front Seats can be made even more comfortable with available Ventilated and Massage options. Passengers can also enjoy optional Heated Rear Seats. The leather seats will hug you while you drive and keep your comfortable no matter what the weather is.

Sporty Drive and Power is Part of the Package

2020 BMW M7 Review

The X7 has everything available at your fingertips and within a quick reach making it a pleasure to drive. From volume control, hands free calling, lane assist, cruise control, heads up display, in dash navigation and everything else you might need.

You can easily switch between drive modes and get that kick of power you’re looking for, or check on the health of your car and drive right on the display. Yes, the X7 M50i is packed with power, but it also is a really practical vehicle as well.

Besides the little touches in your BMW X7, keep in mind it does come with the BMW Ultimate Care package included in your price. That includes 3 years of scheduled maintenance fully covered including your oil changes, filter changes, engine checks, spark plugs and brake fluid. Those expenses wont add up over those three years, and take that stress off your ownership.

Just the Facts

2020 BMW M7 Review

If you’re in the market for a luxury SUV that is perfect for speed, power and running the kids back and forth to school the BMW X7 M50i may be the car for you. It gets 15 miles in the city and 21 on the highway. With a base price of $99,600 the model we drove with the options came in at $113,845.


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