The 2019 Lincoln Continental Black Label Brings Luxury to a New Level

2019 Lincoln Continental Review
The 2019 Lincoln Continental is beautiful inside and out.

From the moment Ford Motor Company dropped off the Lincoln Continental off in my driveway I knew I was in for a treat driving this car on our New England road trip. The car took my breath away and countless times on the trip she did the same for others as they asked questions about the car. With beautiful curves, chrome accents and loaded with technology, the 2019 Lincoln Continental quickly became a car that I want to add to our garage – when it actually is in our budget!

2019 Lincoln Continental Review
Customize your massage and feel refreshed when you get to your destination.

A quick drive around in the Continental offered us comfortable seats, and all of the option we love in new cars like heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheels, navigation and more. But while adjusting the seat position – I found probably one of my favorite features in the car – massaging seats! Often referred to as “refreshing” of the driver, this 15 minutes massage helps you stay fresh while you’re on the go. Turn on the heated portion of the seat for a bit of a deeper tissue massage and a great way to keep you feeling good while you’re driving. This is available for both the driver and the front passenger, and a luxury that you will fall in love with from the get go.

Walk around of the 2019 Lincoln Continental

A Driver Focused Experience

Besides a comfortable seat that keeps you going with a completely customizable seat and massaging set up, the Lincoln has a lot of other features that make driving easier and make you want to hit the road more often. With a Heads Up Display projecting your speed, the current speed limit, how many miles you have left you can drive, your next turn and more right in your windshield. The Continental also offers automatic lights that go to bright or dim when needed and automatic wiper blades that start when rain is detected. Combined with the Adaptive Cruise Control, it makes driving more fun, easier and less stressful for whoever is behind the steering wheel.

2019 Lincoln Continental Review
Control your music, navigation, climate control and more from the center console.

What About the Drive?

With and updated look and loaded with technology, the 2019 Lincoln Continental is a modern car for drivers seeking luxury and a fun car to drive. With a V6 engine, the car is packed with power and has a smooth drive no matter what what roads you take it on. It even has noise cancelling technology to keep exterior noise out of the equation – providing you with a fun car to drive that is quiet so you can have conversations without the distraction of the outside world.

2019 Lincoln Continental Review
Beautiful materials brings the first touch of luxury to the 2019 Continental

Which Continental is Right for You?

There are four different model levels for the 2019 Lincoln Continental, and each brings another level of luxury to the driver.

  • Standard – Starting at $45,145 Key Features: Lincoln Co-Pilot260, SYNC 3 with 8 inch LCD Capacitive Touchscreen, 3.7L Ti-VCT V6 Engine, Dual-Zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control
  • Select – Starting at $49,945 Key Features: Bridge of Weir 10 way Heated Deepsoft Leather-Trimmed Seats, Voice-Activated Touchscreen Navigation System, Hands-free Power Trunk Lid, Autofold Side view Mirrors
  • Reserve – Starting at $59,710 Key Features: Heads-Up Display with Forward Collision Warning, Driver/Passenger 24 Way Heated and Ventilated Seats, Twin-Turbocharged 27.L Engine, Revel Audio System with 13 Speakers
  • Black Label – Starting at $70,045 Key Features – Revel Ultima Audio System, Venetian Leather Perfect Position 30 Way Seating with Active Motion, Premium LED Headlamps.
  • Cost of the 2019 Lincoln Continental Black Label in Rhapsody Blue we drove $79,305
2019 Lincoln Continental Review
The beauty of the 2019 Lincoln Continental will take you to new destinations.

Luxury is Key with the Black Label

The Lincoln Continental exudes luxury from imported materials, safety features and a beautiful design. But if you want the ultimate luxury experience you’re going to want to look at the Black Label as your next car. From the moment you go to test the car you’re giving a private fitting room where you can learn about the features of the car. But the Black Label comes some great membership perks, and ones we’d happily sign up for.

  • Culinary Collections – Enjoy access to a curated list of exquisite restaurants that will provide a complimentary dinner for two (reservations required)
  • Premium Maintenance – Get the benefits of premium maintenance plan that covers all recommended services including shock absorbers, engine belts, hoses, hose clamps, break pads and linings, wiper blades and spark plugs.
  • Vehicle Care – Keep you vehicle in pristine condition with complimentary car washes and annual detailing – anytime during life of ownership
  • Pickup and Delivery – Complimentary pickup, delivery and a loaner lincoln, service on your schedule for retail and warranty repair.
The Continental lost a bumper car game with a Semi truck

Safety is a Priority and the Continental Has You Covered

Whenever a review vehicle, it’s always my goal to give it back to the manufacturer in the same condition I received it. And after driving over 2000 miles on our trip, we were finally on our last leg and heading home. About 500 miles to go, or seven hours according to the GPS that kept finding us the quickest route we ran into a moving construction zone. Unfortunately drivers in front of us stopped short, and we stopped safely behind them. However, behind us a perfect storm was storm was starting with a Semi truck not stopping with enough time. He pushed a van into the back of a SUV, who then went to the left lane to avoid further damage. The van then continued into the back of the Continental, and with the SUV next to us in the left lane we had no where to go.

With all of that happening, only the van was totalled in the whole incident. Everyone walked away with minor injuries and we’re thankful that it wasn’t worse than it was. Unfortunately, the trunk doesn’t seem to close anymore on the Continental and the damage did ruin the noise cancellation properties the car had. But, that kind of impact on my SUV or sedan at home would have resulted in a lot more damage to both the vehicle and us.

So, let’s look past the beautiful appearance, the 2019 Continental is a solid vehicle and filled with safety features. While there is no way to predict what is going to happen on the road, having that type of support around you means that hopefully your next accident will mean less damage to you and the car. Our impact thankfully didn’t need any of the airbags included in the car, or many of the other safety features that are loaded in, but we’re thankful for the engineering inside the Continental.

The Lincoln Continental has an average MPG is 16 City/24 Highway. For more information on the different models and their features visit the Lincoln Continental website.


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