Textbooks Rentals? What’s that?

textbook rentals
When I first started college they didn’t have Textbook Rental companies out there. I think when I was starting my master’s degree they were starting to come onto the market but they weren’t big yet. No, no – I’m not going to bend your ear about my 7 mile walk up hill both ways through the snow to school. And I know school just got out – but if you’re in college it’s the only time in your life you choose to go to school all summer! Why? The sooner you get done the sooner you have your degree and can start your life!
See that picture up there? That stack of 4 books? I had that as my profile picture for a whole semester – that picture is the equivilant of $400. Yup – almost rent, for three classes. You can even notice the orange dots and “Used” stickers on the spines of two of them. Can you imagine what the cost would have been without the used prices? Right now that lighting text book is $90 retail – or I could have rented it for $30?!  *sigh* I wish!

Buying text books at full price is ridiculous! Why? Because they know you have to buy it – the price is inflated. They know you will pay it because you’re already paying hundreds of dollars a credit hour for your classes! Why would you risk it by not getting the books?

I know as a student money was tight (who am I kidding? it still is!) If I could rent textbooks at the time I would have! There are different services out there you can rent your textbooks from but the one I point people to is Campusbookrentals.com. Why? Not only are their prices 40-90% off retail, your books are shipped to you free and it’s free to ship them back. And most importantly – for every book that is rented they make a donation to Operation Smile. So you’re saving money and they’re helping out a great cause!

Trust me, I still understand what it’s like to be a poor college student – consider renting your textbooks for your summer classes, or even this coming fall!

Oh yah -they have a bit of a sense of humor too 🙂


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