Terry Fator Live Review

Terry Fator – Endless Talent

Terry Fator Live ReviewWe went to my newest favorite venue, Fox Theatre, to see Terry Fator. As is usual, I had to take more pictures of the beautiful décor and was happy to be a little early for the show so I could take it all in. Then Terry Fator come on stage. He began his show by singing solo and reminding everyone how much talent he has without even bringing out his puppets.

Terry Fator Live ReviewFor those who aren’t familiar with Terry Fator, he is a great ventriloquist who won America’s Got Talent by singing with his puppets while imitating other famous singers and crooners – Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks, Louis Armstrong and so many more!

Terry Fator Live ReviewYet, when you hear him sing on his own, it reminds you immediately how very talented this performer really is. The range of his voice is just amazing. Then he brings out his puppets while telling the story of how he started as a ventriloquist and later takes the audience through the ups and downs of competing until he won the competition.

Terry Fator Live ReviewFator had us laughing along with him as he took us through his history and we enjoyed his remarkable singing whether through his puppets or on his own. He gave a nod to our veterans by asking all to stand up and be recognized. Any entertainer who recognizes our veterans instantly moves up in my opinion. He also recognized a young 10 year old cancer victim from Cleveland who is a budding ventriloquist. All profits from merchandise sales on Saturday and Sunday were being donated to this young boy for his treatment. More information about this boy can be found on terryfator.com or the Facebook.

An entertainer with such a wonderful show who humbly gives back to our veterans and others can’t be beat. I would never hesitate to see Terry Fator again, and if given the chance to see him again at the Fox Theatre- I’d do it in a heartbeat!

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