Ten Non-Traditional Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas #valentinesday #gg

non-traditional valentine's gift ideas

non-traditional valentine's gift ideas

Every year we see stores fill up pink and red items we’re supposed to buy for Valentine’s Day. But there’s only so much candy and overly sweet stuffed animals we can take. If you’re like me, most of those stuffed animals are loved – but end up on a shelf after the holiday or in the closet. We’re all about giving gifts that mean something, or something that lasts more than the holiday, and this year we’ve come up with 10 different gift ideas for people on your Valentine’s Day shopping list. This includes kids, the guys and gals in your life. We even included ideas for friends – we don’t discriminate on where you spread love on Valentine’s Day!

Apparel Gift Box for Him – Harrison Blake Apparel

Harrison Blake box review

All guys have their own style, but they usually have to dress up for work or special occasions. Instead of getting them a tie for your night out – why not get them an apparel subscription box? Variety is a great thing, and ties and dressing nicely never go out of style. The February Harrison Blake Apparel box is stuffed with $93 worth of goodies for only 1/4 of the price! Harrison Blake Apparel offers a monthly subscription for men consisting of 1 Necktie + 4 Accessories for only $25 per month. This is the easiest way to get a completely coordinated and dapper look. Just open the package, pair with a suit and look fantastic.

Subscribe at HarrisonBlakeApparel.com | New subscribers can use the code: SEASON at checkout for $15 off their first month

Fandom Subscription Box for Her 

May Fandom of the Month Box Review

We all have our favorite fandom, and the Fandom of the Month subscription box is a great way for the lady in your life to showcase her favorite. Each month members get a box filled with a surprise theme for the month. Inside they will get a magnet, a hand stamped bag and 3-5 pieces of jewelry in that theme. Themes have ranged from Sherlock, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, Star Wars and Beauty and the Beast. Occasionally you can find a hint to the month’s theme online – but usually it’s a surprise and one worth waiting for!

Fandom of the Month club is only $13 a month plus shipping!

Personalogy – A Card Game to Learn More About Each Other

personalogy game review

No matter how long you’ve been together – you never know everything about each other. There are just some questions you never ask, and some  you’d never think to ask. Personalogy is a great way to learn a bit more about the people in your life and family. What will you answer when you’re presented with unusual questions and weird situations? Made Amazon’s Best Sellers Top 100 Card Games for 2015! Entertaining Card Game that instantly gets people talking, laughing and having fun! It’s more than a game, play without points as an Icebreaker or Conversation Connector for parties, events, team buildings or dinners at home with friends. The box is designed to be travel sized, small enough to put in your purse, backpack or glovebox, so take with you on vacation, play in the car, makes road trips FUN. Triple AAA recommends it for road trips too! Bring to a friends house. Great hostess gift, birthday gift or fun for a Singles party. Spice up Girls Night Out at the bar and meet new people. 135 absurd, entertaining and funny questions and surprising answers from the people you play with. It sparks fun and unusual conversations that take you on an adventure with your friends, family or love interest you want to get to know better! 2 ways to play; with our without points. Find out interesting facts about your friends or family you never knew before!

Learn more on PersonalogyGame.com

Purchase on Amazon: Family Edition / Party Edition

Gifts that Make a Difference from World Vision

world vision gift ideas

Yes, you can absolutely go the more traditional route with the options you can choose from World Vision. But you can give the gift of a goat to a family in someone’s name, and each gift you purchase from World Vision help lift a family from poverty. You can find scarves, necklaces, bracelets, coffee, and more. The gifts are hand crafted and a great way to give back.

Check out World Visions Gift Catalog for options – and each item helps give back to families that need help!

Your Little Princess will love the latest Elena of Avalor toys! 
elena of avalor gifts

Elena of Avalor is one of the latest Disney Princesses, and she’s a force to be reckoned with. She’s a princess training to be queen, and the show if full of culture and friendship. Elena of Avalor Ready to Rule is now on DVD, and you can get your little one their own Story Time Guitar to sing along with their favorite episodes!

Find more Elena of Avalor Gift Ideas

A Chef’s Gift Set from Dei FratelliDei Fratelli Gift Package ReviewThere’s always someone in your life that loves to cook, or at least we hope there is! Sometimes they are the hardest to shop for, you don’t want to give them another kitchen tool, because chances are they have them all. Why not instead get them a gift basket of ingredients they will love to use? Dei Fratelli has put together great gift baskets filled iwth their all natural tomato sauce to make their next recipe. This gift could be a win-win, and would mean a delicious meal could be in your near future!

Check out the Dei Fratelli Gift Boxes and selection for the chef’s in your life!

DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender Action Figures

DreamWorks Voltron ToysI’m not sure if this fits under “For Him” or “For Her” or for the Kids, but DreamWorks has brought back Voltron in a big way! Their show is in its second season, and fans are reconnecting with the show they grew up with and have a new love for the reboot. We welcomed back all five of our favorite lions, and a new set of Paladins. Kids of all ages love the new show, and now you can get all of their favorite lions to play with at home!

Order your favorite Voltron Lions here or Enter to win Voltron Legendary Defender Action Figures until the 7th here!

Educational Toys with STEM from Laser Pegs

laser Pegs Copter ReviewToys are great, but we absolutely love ones that help our little ones grow and learn. Educational toys are the best options, and Laser Pegs top our list! They’re building toys, the encourage STEM, they light up and teach a bit of engineering skills. The 30 in 1 super Copter let’s you build 30 different designs, each one lights up with a button push and hold together strong. Most of the Laser Pegs parts are rounded, some remind you of old glass tubes used in older TVs and Radios. But inside are the LED lights. The lighting elements not only add some fun to the build but add some curves to the square blocky shapes you’re use to making with block designs.

Order the 30 in 1 Super Copter

Custom Artwork from Fracture

Fracture Pictures Review

Choosing your own artwork is a great way to customize your own house and space, but doing it a unique way is a great way to express your style in your space. Fracture takes a unique spin on printing your images – they’re printed directly on glass. Self mountable without the need of a frame, Fracture prints use vivid colors and archival quality. You can upload your own artwork, or choose classic artwork or even ones that others have created.

Upload your own photos to have them printed on glass, or order pre-designed artwork from Fracture

Customized Surprise Gift Box from Ginger Snap Crate

gingersnapcrate review

We love the surprise subscription boxes, and Ginger Snap Crate takes that to a new level. They’re a mix between a photo printing service and a mystery box. You upload your favorite photos and they make unique gift options with your images. You don’t know what is going to show up each time, and if you love it you can order more. Ginger Snap Crate is a probably one of the most unique subscription boxes I’ve ever come across, and you can get a box or a crate of goodies each month!

Check out Ginger Snap Crate’s different Gift Subscriptions



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