Ten (TWELVE*) Hobbies To Try Out for the New Year

Here’s a good New Year’s resolution: Try a new hobby.

Shake up the New Year by learning and adopting some fresh, cool and perhaps unusual hobbies that will surely make 2020 much more exciting. Here are 10 ideas:

Stress-Relievers Hobbies

Maintaining a Saltwater Aquarium:

There’s a belief that maintaining saltwater aquarium is more difficult than the freshwater alternative. While it may have its challenges, it’s still a nice diversion from the usual. The results are also satisfying as having an aquarium in one’s home often brings a sense of relaxation. About.com outlines the steps on how to set up a saltwater aquarium.

Bird Watching:

Bird watching is leisure that once again calms the nerves, especially for nature or animal lovers. There are no specific skills that need to be learned about bird watching. The hobby can also be done all year long, since there are different and fascinating birds for each season. To start off, visit the Wild Bird Watching website to cover the basics and get off on your adventure enjoying the sight of beautiful birds.

Master the Art of Meditation:

Meditation is such a beneficial hobby to try out this new year, as it’s said to be one of the most effective practices to help alleviate feelings of low mood, depression and anxiety to help the participant live in the moment. You don’t need to have any special skills or equipment to master the art of meditation, just a quiet and peaceful spot where you can sit down and clear your mind without any distractions. You can use a combination of breath work and chanting to achieve or improve a state of meditation, and visiting certain natural locations such as waterfalls or mountains nearby is said to boost the practice even further.

Creative Hobbies


Learning to spin the ones and twos wouldn’t cost a mortgage payment. According to the Discover a Hobby website, a full turntable equipment (includes a mixer starter kit) can be purchased under $300. The site also recommends checking out online forums and other web resources for some free tutorials.

Scrap Booking:

What better way to keep a chunk of the New Year than to start creating scrap books of 2020 memories? Consider it as going back to one’s elementary school roots when every week consisted of an art project.


Derived from Greek words that mean beautiful writing, calligraphy is a skill that is now being offered in local workshop centers. Plus, this DIY hobby will also come in handy when it’s time to create wedding or fancy party invitations.

Useful Hobbies

Growing Your Own Vegetables:

There’s nothing more satisfying than harvesting one’s own crops.

Making Sushi:

One way to expand one’s kitchen skills is to learn how to make sushi. Just buy a sushi mat and ingredients, look up a recipe and it’s all set to be made. For those who are serious about the craft, there are sushi kits and books available to be purchased.

Physical or Active Hobbies


No longer just another backyard past time, trampolining has been part of the Olympics since 2000. This skill was originally used for gymnastics training, but has now evolved into a fitness activity for the Average Joes and Janes. Start by locating a nearby trampolining club.


Another less popular but growing sport is archery. Once again there are clubs that are offered in most North American cities. For those who may get infatuated with the idea of a bow and arrow, bow hunting is another hobby to consider.

Shark Diving:

Not for the weak at heart, shark diving consists of being placed into a large cage by trained professionals then being lowered into the water to be in the company of sharks. The risk is minimal due to the presence of professionals. Shark diving is offered in places like California, Mexico and Australia.


Cycling is one of the easiest yet best sports to take up in the new year, as it’s the perfect way to work out while traveling far and wide, witnessing all of the different sights and sounds of the world from the comfort of your bike. Cycling offers you complete freedom, as you can travel both on-road and off-road to plan out your own unique route. You’ll likely need a beginners guide to buying a road bike if you’ve never had the opportunity to cycle before, as it’s best to start out on a flat and level surface to develop your skills ready for off-road adventures. Taking your bike out in an area of natural beauty can provide you with a full body workout, fresh air and some amazing views, so what’s not to love?

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