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Like most people – I love my coffee. I have my Keurig and my grinder, and most days enjoy a glass or two of freshly brewed coffee to start the day. I have different flavors, and it depends on my mood what will kick start my day. But sometimes all of the flavors and caffeine aren’t the best for me – that’s when I grab some of the great products sent by Teeccino.
What’s different about Teeccino? It’s tea brewed like coffee so it has a similar flavor and taste. It is naturally caffeine free and has no acid like it’s coffee counter part. It’s a great alternative to having coffee every day and is a great way to have healthy coffee like drinks to start the morning. It is an herbal coffee, brewed from leaves not beans.

Teeccino sent me a variety of their Tee flavors to try including vanilla nut, Mediterranean Mocha, Chocolate, French Roast and Hazelnut. Each was bold in flavor and similar to a flavored coffee but with much less of the bad “qualities” of coffee. I enjoyed the Hazelnut flavor as much as I like hazelnut coffee, but I have to admit the mocha didn’t quite have the flavor I was looking for. Don’t get me wrong, it was good but it wasn’t as strong of a “candy” flavor I’m use to. That being said, it was still good and is a great option if I’m looking to cut caffeine out of my diet.

They also have a great variety of other products including their TeeChia hot cereals. Which are loaded with healthy things like fiber, Omega 3 Fatty Acides, Whole Grains, Antioxidants, seeds and fruits. Each TeeChia hot cereal is gluten free and is made without added sugar. They are made with Chia, Flax, Quinoa, Amaranth, Ramon & Pumpkin.
Teeccino sent me a sample of both the Blueberry Date and Cinnamon Cranberry. Making the TeeChia was as easy as combining hot water and letting it absorb, then adding in any mix-ins you would want. I’m not usually a fan of hot cereals but I was surprised at the flavor of the TeeChia hot cereal. Not only did it fill me up but it was delicious! With the added bonus of the health benefits these are a great way to start the day!

You can purchase Teeccino herbal coffees and hot cereals on the Teeccino website or on Amazon.

I was sent these products to test and review as a Naturally Savvy Blogger!

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