Tee Turtle Octopus Toy Review

Tee Turtle’s Reversible Plush Are Just What You Need Right Now!

You may have seen them on TikTok, or on a Facebook ad and ooo’d and awe’d at just how cute they are. But the Reversible Plush toys from Tee Turtle – just how cute are they in person and are they worth the price point of $15 for a small stuffed animal?

Tee Turtle Octopus Toy Review

The answer is actually pretty easy. Tee Turtle sent us two of their reversible plush animals to check out. A cute calico and the octopus that made them oh so popular. The soft plush animals are adorable – there’s no denying it, and are squeezable soft. But their expressions are the best part. You simply flip them inside out and they can be happy or grumpy however you are feeling that day. This isn’t a high tech toy, or one that requires a screen, just a cute plush that can change moods with a quick flip of the toy. None of this changing of mood of your plush effects the softness and it can be done over and over again without the toy wearing out.

Tee Turtle Octopus Toy Review

If you’re just looking for a soft plusht hat is a fun gift, or one to hang out on your desk. Tee Turtle offers the Octopus in a variety of colors and options, but they’ve expanded to include fun other animals as well. From narwhals, llamas, cats, dinosaurs and even glow in the dark plushies – there’s really one for everyone out there.

Are they as cute as you see in the ads – absolutely. Are they worth the price point? We think so! They bring a lot of smiles and laughs, and can even be a quick signal of your mood for the day – and warning as people go by. They deserve every bit of their viral fame on TikTok and beyond.

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