Tech Gifts They Actually Want this Year

Momant Microphone and Sound Guard Review

It seems that no matter what you do or whatever your interest – technology is now a large part of your day-to-day routine. If you’re looking for a great gift idea for someone on your list that is techie – we have a handful of gift ideas of things they will actually use and want this year. All of the gift ideas are relatively affordable and will make their holiday that much brighter!

Gifts for the Budding Podcaster or Streamer

Podcasts and Streaming are not only popular but a great source of income. But one thing a lot of viewers or listeners will turn off an episode or video for – bad audio! If you’re looking to block out noise or to capture the best quality sound, look at the Moman Microphone and Mic shield. Not only will it up their audio quality but makes them feel super professional as they move from built-in mics to the next step.

Keep them Wirelessly Charged on the Go

RapidX MyPort Review

Wireless charging is quick and convenient – but usually keeps you tied to a device at home. RapidX is taking wireless charging on the go with their MyPort Charger system. Docked at home you can charge this 10000 mAh power bank, and take it anywhere to get a full charge (or more) on your device anywhere. Super easy and quick to use – you can use the MyPort in your car or even just in a bag as you’re walking.

Take the Show on the Road with a Portable Projector

View Sonic M1 Mini Projector Review

LED Technology and a pocket-able projector mean you can take your entertainment on the go. Quick and easy to set up the ViewSonic M1 Mini is going to be one of their favorite tech gifts. It can fit in their stocking and they can use it to stream their favorite shows and with JBL audio packed in – you can enjoy the show anywhere!

Music and Eye Protection in these High Tech Sun Glasses

Fauna Audio Glasses Review

Sick of seeing them struggle to keep their earbuds in while working outside or just don’t like the look of earbuds anymore? How about some audio glasses? They come in sunglasses, styles that filter blue light and all of them include smart audio in the stems. Charge in their case and look amazing while being worn. Fauna Smart Glasses are a step up from their standard sunglasses and are ones that they’re going to love this year.

Add Some Color and Charging Capability Anywhere

RapidX Prismo Review

Want to add a wireless charging pad to their gaming space or office but want to keep with their RGB set up? The RapidX Prismo is the perfect solution – not only will it help keep them charged but will light up the space with a color show that they can make their own.

Bring Family Movie Night On The Go

View Sonic Mini Plus Projector Review

If you want a higher quality image and a built-in speaker, but still want the small form factor – ViewSonic’s M1 Mini Plus projector is the perfect gift idea. It has premium audio built-in, an hour and a half battery time, and a lot more. Perfect for sharing the family’s favorite memories or a movie night around the fire. The small size makes it perfect to take on the go and even enjoy movies while camping and more.

Charge Every Device in One Place with an Adaptable Charging System

RapidX Modula 5 Review

We all rely on our technology to keep us connected but that means a lot of charging. The RapidX Modula 5 gives you the capability to create your own custom charging station in your home and to take different elements to different areas as you want. This system comes with two wireless charging pads, but more can be added if you need to grow the system to fit your needs.


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