Teas in a Pod Makes Brewing Each Cup of Tea Easy

bonjour Teas in a pod infuser review

bonjour Teas in a pod infuser review

Over the years I’ve started to start my day a glass of tea instead of a cup of coffee. It really depends on my mood, but a freshly brewed cup of tea offers a variety of flavors and a bit of caffeine. When I’m spending a long day working in the library, I love having a nice calming tea to get me through the day. My commercial brewer is great for using single cup pods of tea, but doesn’t work loose leaf teas. On the days I know I’m going to be on the go and want my loose leaf tea I grab my Bonjour Teas in a Pod tea infuser.

bonjour Teas in a pod infuser reviewBonjour sent me some of their Teas in a Pod infusers to test out. They come in four different colors and each is made with food grade silicone and stainless steel. The small pods come in three parts including the steel infuser, a silicone top with a cute leaf to easily remove the pod from your tea and a small silicone cup to set the pod in when you’re not using it.

bonjour Teas in a pod infuser reviewThe stainless steel infuser cup is perfect for filling with your favorite loose leaf teas. The small holes on the side allow the hot water to be infused with the tea flavors, just be careful the leaf parts aren’t too small or you will end up with remnants in your tea. The infuser pod is perfect to use with bagged tea as well and will keep your work space clean. Once your pod is filled with tea or a tea bag, steep it in hot water for about 7 minutes to get the perfectly brewed cup of tea.

bonjour Teas in a pod infuser reviewTeas in a Pod is small enough to take with you, will brew the perfect cup of tea just when you want it. The small size makes it a perfect stocking stuffer for the tea lover in your life or a holiday gift exchange. Besides being an adorable little tea accessory, I love how easy it is to clean out. Teas in a Pod actually is completely dishwasher safe and you simply rinse it out and toss it in for an easy clean. Since it’s a small and perfect for one glass, you can use it with your favorite mug as well.


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