Your Kids: Cooking Review

Teach Your Children to Cook with Your Kids: Cooking

Your Kids: Cooking ReviewWhat is the best way to get your children to eat their meals? Even try new things they’ve never had before? Have them prepare it themselves! More and more kids are having fun by helping in the kitchen and in our family it’s standard. So we were excited to get a copy of Your Kids: Cooking to review, because Goonie loves to help in the kitchen!

Unlike other cook books for kids, Your Kids: Cooking doesn’t give just recipes that are kid friendly. Instead, it’s filled with grown up recipes mixed with more kid friendly ones. You start on more basic recipes and learn cooking techniques, beyond just measuring, that will help your child learn to cook more dishes and the basic skills they need in the kitchen.

Your Kids: Cooking ReviewInside Your Kids: Cooking you will find not only recipes with step by step instructions, but a little bit of history about the food your child is about to make, the techniques and what they’ll need. The book starts with more simple recipes and builds up with the skills they learn to cook. The book also comes with a three hour tutorial DVD that has each recipe included! If your child isn’t quite to a reading age yet, they can watch the DVD with you and learn the techniques as well.

Your Kids: Cooking ReviewKids are getting in the kitchen younger and younger, and with the popularity of kids cooking competition shows this trend is going to continue to grow! Goonie has always loved helping in the kitchen and often steals things right from the cutting board. He loves making his own breakfast and helping with dinner and making desserts. So he was super excited to get a copy of Your Kids: Cooking – just think of the possibilities of what he can make in the kitchen!

Your Kids: Cooking ReviewGoonie has some of his own cooking gear and small appliances already but we’re all still working on teaching him the right techniques. And while he’s getting better at reading, we love the fact that Your Kids: Cooking has step by step photo instructions to help teach them how to cook the recipe and make it on their own.

Your Kids: Cooking ReviewNow, it’s going to be a while before Goonie is in the kitchen completely unsupervised, but he’s got a great start cooking on his own. His excitement for the kitchen is hard to miss, but we’re more excited that he’s learning to cook from us and the help of Your Kids: Cooking. Besides preparing him for his future and knowing how to take care of himself, we know Goonie will have a better appreciation of the food he’s eating and making. It wont be long and he will be making us all dinner! We can’t wait to try some or all of the 20 healthy recipes inside Your Kids: Cooking, with Goonie making the meals for us.

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