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It’s been a rough week – I guess that is the nicest way I can put it. It’s almost been a week since my main work laptop started to act up. She had a couple issues for a week or two before hand, but last Saturday she really started acting up. I was only able to transfer the files to my backup drive, and Sunday she was gone – she wouldn’t even start.
It’s one of those rough times – where everything seems to rain down on you. Unfortunately for me it seems to be with everything you plug in right now. My phone died, my laptop died, and just recently the pilot went out on our oven. Thankfully, my phone and (surprisingly) my laptop were still under the extended warranty plans we bought for them. My phone was a quick fix, which was mostly stress free. I wish I could say the same about the computer.
Since Sunday I have spent hours on the phone with a major computer manufacturer’s tech support. I had to wait all day for a tech support guy to come over and fix my machine – only to find out that the computer couldn’t be fixed and is going to be shipped to Texas to either be fixed or replaced.

So while I seem to fell like I’m breaking everything with an electrical charge it makes me wonder about a break from it all. Doesn’t that sound odd, since I was just forced off the computer for a while?

This time last year I was completely disconnected. I was attending a music festival as a vendor up on Beaver Island, it is a four hour drive north and then a two hour ferry across Lake Michigan to the island. You are greeted by only two paved roads, no running water and limited electricity. We spent four days listening to local bands, bathing in the lake, using outhouses and listening to wild life at night. It sounds odd, but sometimes I crave that complete disconnection. It’s a relaxing feeling to completely pull the plug sometimes. I had hoped to be up north this year and visiting with old friends and listening to new talent. The beauty of the lake and nature is fantastic. Unfortunately it’s not in the cards this year, the trip and ferry get to be expensive.

My priorities have changed a bit from last year. This year I am starting to hustle more for business. I have clients who have projects we’re working on wrapping up, others just beginning and others in the middle stage of work. This technology snaffoo has set me back on some of this work.

I think that one of the things that will help is finding a way to be more productive and bring in more income. I would like to find a way to make freelancing and blogging my full time job. Doesn’t that sound ideal?

I think this technology set back is really getting to me, I’m unable to sleep, my mind is constantly going. I honestly think I am more stressed about silly things right now than I was when I got laid off.

So let’s get back on track, get more deals and more ideas. I have gotten the link and form ready for the Coupon Train, and soon I will be posting more information on classes and other things. I want to make sure I can continue to find you great deals, and find more ways to stretch the dollars. I hope you’re still along for the ride, it’s been an interested couple months so far!


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