Taking A Trip Outdoors… What It Can Do For Your Soul

stress reduction from camping

stress reduction from camping

The great outdoors is an incredible thing. It can make the most dreary of days feel ten times better and put us in a brilliant mood even when we don’t want to be. If you want to know how much the outdoors can benefit your mind and soul, here are a few reasons to get out amongst nature this year…

Social class doesn’t exist

The beauty about being out in the countryside is that you have no expectations from society and no one is forcing you to be someone that you are not. When you take your Tents and Camp Gear to the middle of nowhere, you won’t come across upper class folk or the working class, because you are all equal out here. It is a liberating feeling to be able to simply talk to anyone at any time and not have to worry about where they come from or who they are.

It reminds you of life

When we are constantly stuck in the office or in traffic and taking on life at 100mph, we can become lost in our own lives and not realise how important our short time on earth really is. If you step outside and take the time to get away from other people, you will see that there is much more to life than being stuck behind a desk doing a job you hate, and you will realise that life is too short to be trapped in a cage.

It calms you

Being outside is the perfect excuse to step away from the stresses of real life and take a deep breath. Sometimes when you have had a stressful week, the best thing you can possibly do is to step back and just take a deep breath outside. You will realise how quickly it calms you down and allows you mind to refresh.

You’ll learn about the planet

Even if you don’t believe in a lot of the things scientists teach us about the planet, it is important to have an appreciation for this incredible piece of rock which is supporting an infinite amount of life every single second. This planet is a complex and beautiful ecosystem which we have conquered and damaged in the last hundred years more than its whole history. It is time to think about and learn about the planet and realise that we have a responsibility to look after it.

It shows us to live in peace

War is a human invented concept which we simply cannot seem to leave behind because of our nature, but take a look at the animals and plants who are thriving all around us. They are all unique, different and live a different type of life: but they still are able to come together and live in the same place in peace. It’s time to take some advice from the other creatures of our planet.

We see beauty in nature

A lot of the time when you are working all of the time and spend your days flitting from one building to another you don’t stop to see the beauty in the outside world. Our planet is a stunning place full of life, colour, texture and light. If you step outside for a moment you will see a stark contrast to the dull office you have become used to. Being in the great outdoors can even help you gain inspiration in your life because it allows your brain to come up with ideas and create pictures in your head. It can be the perfect remedy if you have writers block or you have artist’s block. Go outside for a while and you will likely come up with some stunning ideas.

It can help your mental health

One of the greatest benefits of spending time outside is that it can actually make a huge difference to your mental health. If you suffer from stress related illnesses or conditions like anxiety and depression, spending some time away from people and out in the wild could be exactly what you need for your self esteem and to get you back on your feet. It calms the mind and reminds us that the small issues we stress over in everyday life are not as significant and we might think. Spending an hour every day outdoors in the park or out in the countryside can help to bring nervous people out of their shells and allow them to be much happier and confident people in life.


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