Take Your Music on the Go with Zak!Play Hydration Tumblers and Bottles

Zak!Play Hydration Review

As you pack your car for your day trip, or even for a day out at the park, what are some of the key things you bring with you? For our family it’s a way to stay hydrated and entertained. If we’re going to the beach, the park or just spending time in the back yard – we like bringing our water and tunes with us. And thankfully, Zak! has created their new Zak!Play Hydration products that will keep us hydrated and reduces the amount of things we need to pack and take with us.

Zak!Play Hydration Review

The Zak!Play Hydration comes in a tumbler option or a water bottle, with three color options and two different size options. This makes it easy to find the right one that is perfect for you, or whoever is on your list to get gifts for this year.

But what sets the Zak!Play bottles and tumblers apart from others on the market? They’re not just a great bottles that will keep your your water or drinks cold for hours with the technology that Zak! puts into all of their products, but they also have Bluetooth speakers in their base that can be detached, they use eco-friendly materials and there is even an app that can help you keep track of how much water you’re drinking throughout the day so you can stay on track!

Zak!Play Hydration Review

Zak!Play has quickly become one of our favorite bottles to grab and take with us on the go. Not only do all of the tumblers and bottles fit in standard cup holders, but it takes a lot of the bulk out of packing. The Bluetooth speaker can be charged with the microUSB cord that is included in the package and will keep you entertained wherever you go. And when you’re home, again you simply unscrew the speaker and hand wash the bottle or tumbler while the base charges. The LED around the speaker base gives it a little bit of an extra fun while it plays your music while you are out and about.

Zak!Play Hydration Review

Where can your Zak!Play bottle or tumbler go? Anywhere you plan on going and want to stay hydrated! From the beach, to a hike, the garden or a work out Zak! is making sure you have the motivational music you need while you stay hydrated on the go!


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