Take Your Favorite Dinners and Make Them Healthier

healthy makeovers of your favorite meals

healthy makeovers of your favorite meals

When it comes to eating healthy, some lips fall into a pout. It often means giving up your favorite foods. Not anymore it doesn’t. Learn to give your comfort food dishes a facelift with these healthy makeover ideas.

What is it about comfort food? Maybe the clue is in the name – comfort. It makes us feel good when everything else is going wrong. On cold days it warms us up. Generally, our favorite foods bring a smile to our face.

Healthy living doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your favorites from time to time. Making a few changes to those same dinners could see you enjoying them even more often. Keep reading and find out how to go about it. We know that taste is just as important as anything else so we are endeavoring to provide you with ideas that will still satisfy your taste buds.

Healthy Makeover Ideas for your Favorite Meals

  1. Change the meat – This applies to meals like hamburgers, sloppy Joe sandwiches, chili and meatloaf. Instead of using full fat ground beef try a less fatty version like 90/10 or 93/7. Better still is substituting the beef with lean ground turkey. If the family isn’t ready for that yet, mix ground turkey with a leaner ground beef to make the transition easier.
  2. Whole grain substitutions – Are you a pasta addict? Try a whole grain variety to provide more nutrients. This goes for breads as well. Try multigrain breads, rolls and buns for those burgers and sandwiches.
  3. Go low fat – When cooking with dairy products and cream soups, consider using skim milk, low fat cheeses, fat free sour cream and cream cheese as well as reduced fat cream soups. The taste isn’t compromised so you will enjoy the feel of fewer calories on your body.
  4. Baked instead of fried – If you are a fan of fried chicken, there is a way to make “oven fried” chicken that you will also find delicious. To lower the fat content, try coating in buttermilk and either crushed corn flakes or bread crumbs before baking. Brown the skin and coating to a crispy perfection. This idea works for fish and homemade French fried potatoes as well. Baking provides great taste with fewer calories.
  5.  Change the protein – Lose the meat entirely for dishes like lasagna and chili. For the chili, add more beans, veggies and a mix of spices to create the taste you love without adding beef or even turkey. A bean provides as much protein as most meats, but without the animal fat since their protein is derived from plant sources. Use sliced Portobello mushrooms or zucchini along with cheese to fill the space.


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