buttercream basics review

Take Your Cakes to the Next Level with Buttercream Decorating

buttercream basics reviewNot everyone is as lucky as I am to have someone in the family who can teach them how to decorate cakes and make the perfect buttercream. But when you don’t have that personal resource, the best option is to pull out a cook book with instructions on how to make the perfect cake.

We were sent a copy of Buttercream Basics by Carey Madden, a collection of 40 different lessons to teach you different methods and tricks for making show stopping cakes. This isn’t just rolling out fondant and adding sugar candy to your cake, instead it’ll teach you how to make the designs yourself and the techniques you’ll need to step up your decorating game.

The tutorials and recipes are easy to follow, and it’s a great starter guide for anyone interested in learning more about decorating cakes. Buttercream Basics: Learn the Art of Buttercream Decorating is now available and the perfect go to guide to your adventures in decorating your own cakes and more.

About Buttercream Basics:

Create exquisite designs and bake shop quality results with Carey’s easy-to-follow decorating techniques.

Satiny smooth buttercream is the perfect medium for creating decorated cakes that taste as sublime as they look. Buttercream’s popularity can be attributed to its simple sweetness, versatility, resiliency and ease of use. Working with buttercream may seem intimidating, but with Carey’s expert and easy-to-understand advice, you’ll be creating and decorating stunning cakes in no time.

This concise, comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide offers all the information you’ll need to get started — from invaluable instructions on decorating fundamentals and techniques to over 360 step-by-step color photographs.

With just a little time and practice you’ll soon develop the coordination and muscle memory necessary to decorate beautiful cakes. You can start by making some of the less complicated projects/cakes and then work your way up to more intricate projects once you start to feel confident about your decorating abilities. Soon you’ll be able to use Carey’s techniques and advice to create your own unique and sensational designs.

Full color throughout and mouth-wateringly gorgeous, you’ll have 40 projects to choose from and there are even gluten-free and vegan options.

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